Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Vogue Cover Memories

Will doing some work for my internship, I came across a pretty cool archive of Vogue covers that got me looking for my favorites. Instead I found ones with memories for me... I have a pretty sizable mountain of old Vogues in the Lipstick Royalty office (as well as many US Vogue, Harpers Bazzar, Sunday Times Styles, Tattlers and Paris Vogues) but its always the covers that make me remember things...
March 1993 - I don't exactly remember this cover, as it was from the month I was born. Apparently its also a collectors item, as it was Kate Moss's first ever Vogue cover. I feel honoured to be born in such a month!
June 2005 - My first ever issue of Vogue. I wanted to be a fashion designer so my Mum brought it for me and we sat in the conservatory together one afternoon and read it together. Quality mother and daughter time. I started drawing dress design illustrations that day!
December 2006 - Vogue's 90th birthday issue. I brought it because it was big - good value for money! The first ever issue I brought myself, and I brought it with a bar of Lint milk chocolate and sat in bed all afternoon, eating chocolate and reading it cover to cover!
September 2007 -I had started reading Vogue every few months by this point. My favorite ever Vogue cover - I LOVE that dress! This is the cover that made me turn back to the fashion industry as something I may be interested in after all!
December 2007 - The most important cover in Lipstick Royalty history. My Mum brought this as a gift for me when I came home for the weekend and it was sitting on my bed next to me (I'd just finished reading it) when i founded the magazine! [Anyone who owns this copy should check out page 35. Thats exactly how much inspiration I drew from this issue when founding Inside Out!]
May 2008 - I remember sitting in the Lipstick Royalty office with both this, and the then current issue of Harpers Bazzar taking tips from the work of Alexandra Shulman and Lucy Yeomans on the best way to write my editors letter. I ended up writing it on how they were both my heros in fashion.
October 2008 - Another Kate cover. I only remember this issue because my friend Steph is obsessed with her, and she was so happy with me when I gave her a picture form the insert! She stuck it on her wardrobe next to the Kate Moss for Topshop poster I had picked up for her in store.
December 2008 - Kate again. I read this on the sofa while watching music channels and doing Lipstick Royalty work on my laptop. I remember getting ideas of what to write about when I was reading it it the kitchen making noodles. Rihanna is modeling swimwear for Gucci in one of the first ads and she came on in her Disturbia music video while I was eating/ reading/ writing. The video, along with the Victoria's secret Witches ad campaign I saw next day was the inspiration for the yearly Gothic December issue. Rihanna is also wearing the Witches collection in the video.
January 2009 - I sat reading this on the train and it made me think of my first ever Vogue, again a Cate cover. I was on the way to/ back from the Battlefront launch party at Channel 4 in London!

What are your Vogue memories?