Monday, 31 August 2009

How To Find The Perfect Concealer

For ages, I've been on a mission for a brilliant concealer. On thats flawless; one that makes your skin look flawless and one that makes it look like your not really actually wearing any concealer at all.
However there is one fatal floor to my quest, one floor that makes the mission in hand all that little bit more complicated: the said concealer has to be hypoallergenic. That and the palest colour has to look flawless on uber pale skin.
First up comes MAC's Studio Stick Concealer. Not strictly hypoallergenic, but it didn't give me any problems like MAC's eyeshadows do. Studio stick had an almost perfect, but not exact colour match and it lasts a long time. It was quite a heavy formula so therefore gave good coverage but could look quite caked on. Good, but I didn't buy it again.
Next in line comes Clinique's Airbrush Concealer. This one came with beauty awards so I was pretty confident. I use a lot of Clinque - eyeshadow and mascara as well as skin care products (body butter, eye cream, face cream, hand cream, face scrub etc.) as they are a really good hypoallergenic brand. And I really liked it. It looked flawless, had easy application (it comes in a pen like YSL's celebrated Touche Eclat) and was fabulous for use under the eyes. In fact I still use it there! However I find it didn't gave enough coverage everywhere else...
So we've got Clinique for under the eyes... but what about the rest of the face? Thats when my obsession with Benefit Cosmetics comes in... Benefit make 3 types of concealer... Boi-ing (industrial strength), Erase Paste (paste in a jar) and Powderflage which is under eye powder. Well I already had the eyes covered so I buzzed over to the Benefit counter to take Boi-ing and Erase paste for a test run. First up was Erase Paste. I know my friends use it and love it but I found it too, well, paste-y and it didn't match my skin tone though it gave great coverage.
Next up was Boi-ing. This could be applied with a concealer brush or with a finger. Good skin match and next to perfect coverage. Not too heavy and gave a flawless look. We have a winner! The three skin tones mean they can match to almost any caucasian tone.


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