Friday, 18 December 2009

How To Choose Your Signature Scent (Part 1)

Around December, as doubtless many of you would have already seen, there is an influx of perfume adverts on television. I've always wondered about these; fine they look great witht the models and locations, for example I really love the campaign for Miss Dior with the trip through Paris which is an extension of the balloon adorned print ad campaign, and the new incarnation of the Chanel no.5 ad featuring Audrey Tatu (of Coco Before Chanel fame) was just a stroke of PR genius.
However, one flaw that I always seem to come up with is the fact that your watching television, not scentovision, and you can't smell any of these campaigns while you are watching them on the box. Magazines solved this problem by allowing the companies that were prepared to pay an arm and a leg for it to add inserts to this page which you can either fold over to smell the perfume, or lift a tab for the waft of the sample. Or you could go a step further like Chloe did in the recent issue of Tatler magazine and give a little sample bottle of your scent as a free gift. Last time I was at the perfume counter in Fenwick I'm pretty sure I got a waft of this scent and decided I didn't fancy it (or it could have been the price tag I didn't fancy) but now I've worn it a couple of times, thanks to the sample, I think I may be in love.
The different array of scents that adorned my dressing table this morning when I got out of bed to put my make-up on got me thinking. How do you exactly choose your signature scent? How do you know its the right one for you? I took a look at all the different perfumes I've had over the years...

Clinique Simply
As many of you may already know if you shop at Clinique they often have a 'bonus time' where if you buy any two products while the offer is on you get a little make-up bag full of samples free. Over the years, because my Mum and I both use liberal amounts of Clinique (though I seem to be switching over to Benefit recently) we have accumulated lots of make up bags, and when Clinique were launching their first perfume, Clinique Simply we got a lot of samples. This therefore was my first perfume.
I still like the smell today and as my Mum liked it more than I did I brought her a proper bottle for Christmas the year after. I like the smell but I wouldn't buy it now. And, finding a sample the other day it actually goes off a lo quicker than any other scent I've ever used.

So why did I wear it?
It was a free sample bottle I enjoyed.
Eternity Moment by Calvin Klein
I've always loved the smell of this perfume. And again, so has my Mum. This is another one of the scents we've both owned a bottle of over the last few years. Now while I think of it, lots of people may be horrified to wear similar clothes, were the same make-up and wear the same perfumes as their mother. But I must explain that my mother is my greatest fashion icon; if I was the same shoe size as her I think she'd find several pairs of Jimmy Choos and Manolo's missing from her wardrobe, and I'm still waiting for the moment when I'll be able to whisk away her black Diane von Fustenburg gown.
Anyway, back to Calvin Klein. I first caught a waft of this in one of those pull out tabs in my Mum's copy of Marie Claire. We both loved it. Later that year we were on a Mediterranean cruise and in the perfume shop on board (you've got to love duty free beauty products) with the express intent of buying a bottle; and we did. But my Mum stole it. They only had one bottle left on board and occupational hazard of not living in the same house, and her being the one paying for it I lost out. My next encounter with Eternity Moment, asides the squirts I stole off of her dressing table on occasion when I was going out was when she was wrapping Christmas gifts, and she'd accidently crushed the box of an Eternity Moment scent bottle/ shower gel gift set. Now my mother is the type of person who always gives perfectly presented gifts. Doing anything else would upset her greatly. I can see through to our Christmas tree in the hall right now and you can tell all the gifts she's wrapped. Big perfect bows, creaseless paper, co-ordinating gift tags... She was so upset the gift box was broken she gave the box to me. That's how I came by my first bottle of Calvin Klein.
I still love the perfume now, and I really want to get my hands on another bottle. I've had another bottle since my first, and I think that want the fastest of any perfume I've ever owned, even if it was a small bottle.

So why did I wear it?
I always loved the smell, and I always wanted to wear it ever since the magazine tear out.
Hot by Ralph Lauren
This was another scent I fell in love with from the pull out in a magazine. Glamour this time I think it was but Ralph Lauren advertised it some much the summer it launched I could have smelt it anywhere. I liked the spicy scent of this perfume, though an exclusively summer scent I kinda had a feeling that spicy was me.
I still like this scent, but I know someone I always smell it on now and it kinda puts me off it. I still have the bottle though; its very pretty!

So why did I wear it?
I fell in love with the smell, the ad campaign but it was a passing faze.
Sunset Heat by Escada
This one I fell in love with at the perfume counter. And the bottle was pretty. Another summer scent like the Ralph Lauren (its a year on now,  had another bottle of Calvin Klein in the interlude) but this time very fruity rather than spicy. This was an impulse buy with my birthday money I think it was at the time, but I enjoyed it while it lasted and it suited me thought the summer. And yet again I still have the bottle. And the box. However something I must pull up on for this one is that every scent in the collection smells the same. My friend and model Milly wore the one in the pink and blue bottle at the time (and I think she still does) and I always thought they smelt the same.
I didn't buy this again, I can hardly remember the smell without referring to the bottle first, but I enjoyed it while I wore it.

So why did I wear it?
I fell for the overly sweet seasonal smell, clever packaging and pretty bottle.

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