Thursday, 24 December 2009

How To Choose Your Signature Scent (Part 2)

With Love by Hilary Duff
Right. Something I generally have a problem with is celebrity perfumes. Not just the artificial celebrity-ness of it, but because they're creating their own signature scent and bottling it up as a commercial venture to sell to the general public. That's why I have even more of a problem with celebrity's who release more than one perfume - how can you have more than one signature scent? Also if you're wearing X celebrity's signature scent, your not wearing your OWN signature scent. However, apart from loving the pretty bottle in Hilary's With Love music video I actually liked the smell of this one so I decided to give it a go!
And also, yet again it had pretty packaging which I've still got as well as the nice bottle and the great smell (spicy, a very me smell which I discovered over at Ralph Lauren). However, which I think was the reason I didn't buy it again was it was quite weak - I don't think it gave off as strong a scent as any of my previous designer perfumes. Also, call it brand snobbery, but unless directly asked I never admitted what perfume I was wearing, just because it was a celebrity scent. But, as someone just pointed out to me, if Leighton Meester launched a perfume would I seriously be telling myself that I wouldn't go out and buy it?
I still love the smell but I won't buy it again.

So why did I wear it?
I spotted it in the music video, and then my friend Yasmin told me how great it smelt and I loved it too!
Rose by Paul Smith
I've still got a little bit of this left actually. I loved the idea of a perfume that smelt exactly like roses, and I decided I wanted it when Lipstick Royalty's Music Editor Catherine brought it and I saw the adorable rose patterned bag the bottle comes in inside the box. Also she was living in a room with my best friend at the time, she hates floral smells and it drove her crazy! I remember reading about it in Vogue, and then as I didn't believe it would be perfectly accurately like roses I went to the store for a wiff!
I love the smell, but I don't think I'll be getting it again when I run out!

So why did I wear it?
I loved the bottle bag. And the idea of a perfect rose scent appealed to me.
Black XS by Paco Rabanne
This is my current perfume, and I love it. Cool bottle and really spicy. I'd actually wanted this perfume for a very long time after catching a whiff on a smelling spree (one of my favourite pastimes) and kept on spraying myself with it every time I went to the store but I kept of getting side tracked by other scents with flashier ad campaigns. I finally brought it for myself about a month and a half ago after getting a hold of some extra spending money from my parents for achieving a rather splendid (if I may say so myself) set of exam results.
I'm still totally in love and I think, even though I'm still only half a way though the bottle I'm getting another for Christmas!

So why did I wear it?
I went to the store, smelt everything there and fell in love.

Chloe by Chloe
This one I'm wearing at the moment, and I got it as a sample size free with Tatler magazine. I'd never smelt it before and I wore it because it was free. However its grown on me and I really like it.
I love it and would buy it again; however it has a pretty hefty price tag so we'll have to wait and see.

So why did I wear it?
It was free with Tatler. I do quite like it though.

As I've hopefully shown above, the best way to choose your signature scent is through trial and error. However if you need to buy the perfect scent on the spot make a list of all the scents you like and look at what you can find in common with them. Are they all spicy like I tend to lean towards? Or heady or floral scents? That will make sure you like the perfume and it suits your personality.
If not all year round scent, suits your personality, every time of day. Not a fashion scent. You need to make sure you'll still want to wear a perfume day and night, whatever your wearing and whatever the time of year however hot or cold it is. Before purchasing think about all these very carefully.
Another thing that can put you off is if you know someone else with the same scent. I was slightly put out when I caught a whiff of Black XS on someone else the other day. However I love the scent too much to give it up and the fact she's a really good friend of mine and a model with a top agency softens the blow a little bit. That's just one perfume though; your signature scent should be individual to you. There was nothing individual about where I can remember back to practically everyone reeking of Juicy Couture.

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