Wednesday, 30 December 2009

How To Style Your Hair Like Blair Waldorf

When I was flying home from Athens last year there were delays at the airport and while I was looking round the duty free zone a girl stopped to ask me how to get 'Blair Waldof hair' like mine. Again, my mother came home from a trip to our hairdresser last week telling me a very funny story of the girl with thin flat hair who came in with a photo of Ms. Waldorf asking to get hair like hers. Our stylist proceeded to tell the girl she only knows one girl who she could do (and does do) hair like that for; me. Moral of the story is? Only try this at home if your hair is naturally able to pull off the style. It will NEVER work trying to get a hair style that does not suit your hair type, unless you get extensions. However, if you have mid-length to long hair with at least a bit of body you can really make Blair's style work.
What you will need...
  • Curling tongs. I find that even if you know how to curl your hair with straighteners, use tongs as they give a better shape for the look you're going for. 
  • Heat protection spray
  • Volumizing mousse (not necessary if you have naturally thick hair)
  • Hair wax or texturing paste specially designed to enhance curls (I use the green L'Oreal Playball)
  • A round headed hairbrush

1. If you have naturally thick hair you can skip this step. While hair is still wet brush through to remove all knots, towel dry and rub in about a walnut size globule of hair moose (a bit more if your hair is a bit longer than in the below picture) from your roots to the tips of your hair. Either blow dry while brushing your hair out to gain volume, or allow to dry naturally depending on the eventual effect you want to achieve. 

2. Brush out your hair again until it is smooth and silky, and is 100% tangle free. Separate you hair into two sections, either side of your face and evenly spray from just above your roots to the tips of your hair with heat protection spray. Brush, yet again until smooth. 

3. Starting at the front curl small sections of your hair around the tongs and hold for about a minute each. Do a side at a time until your whole hair is in full but stiff ringlets. 

4. Carefully brush your hair until the curls look natural, but take care not to brush them out. If your curling tongs have a heat brush attachment, use that. 

5. Rub a small amount of wax or texturing paste into your palm and rub it into your curls very carefully, I find squeezing handfuls of curls to set them works well. I find texturing paste gives a softer finish than hairspray, which I find makes my hair feel brittle. Paste works just as well. 

6. Don't brush it once the paste has been added, that will destroy the curls. Comb through and style with your fingers. I find adding a bit of hair oil to your hands and rubbing it over, or spraying it with something like Alterna's finishing spray gives it a lovely Blair like shine. 
blair2 copy
Sometimes Blair wears her hair loose, but she is famous for her headbands. When she wears an Alice band she either sets it straight on her head, as above or she draws her hair back, as below. To do this take two sections from the front of your hair, one from either side, draw them back and pin them with two bobby pins at the back of your head, not pulling it back too tight so it softly frames your face. Then place the hair band over the top.

A lot of Blairs headbands you see in the first few seasons of the show come from a designer I absolutely adore Jennifer Ouellette, but if you're looking to wear them every day and have lots of different ones to go with different outfits I suggest you go to Forever 21 where they have loads of different colours, styles and finishes all for only a pound or two each.

Who is your Gossip Girl hair crush? 

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  1. thank you! i wanted to know how to do the fringe infront of the headbands :Pxxx