Thursday, 17 December 2009

What's In My Bag? (17/12/09)

I've always wanted to do one of these 'what's in my bag' posts, so as I've got my camera out today to do some ISO (the amount of light you allow when your taking a photograph) examples I though  - why not?
(From left to right)
I got this golden brown scarf off of the market a few years ago, and though I have loads of them from there (3 for £5) this is my favourite one and its wearing out! When I'm not wearing it with an outfit in the colder months I always keep it in my bag as it goes with most of my outfits and I don't want to get cold by going without!
M.A.C, Satin in Capture. I love my lipstick and the two I wear the most is Satin in Brave which I put on every morning when I get up as its the perfect tinted nude, but this is the bright red I wear whenever I go out or I want to jazz up an outfit. However, as its such a solid bold colour that stains I always need to make sure I have a mirror handy and a blotting tissue when I put it on. And I can't put it on in the car!
Clinique Superbalm in 02, Raspberry. I either wear this over lipstick to give a glossy shine, on its own to give a bit of colour or by itself as a lipbalm as it works as that and I find Vasaline and chapstick dry my lips out even more!
Tickets & Business Cards
I have run out of my Lipstick Royalty magazine business cards and I really need to get some of my own printed, but I have two for the make-up artist and Lipstick Royalty columnist Emily Rose so I a) have her contact details to hand, b) I did the photography for the cards and I can give it as an example to people. I also have an old train and London tube ticket from Canterbury East to London Victoria, so I always have the ball point for the journey and I can just show the ticket when I'm buying them as its my regular journey.
I ate most of it when I went to London on Saturday but I always try to keep something to eat in my bag!
Purse & Tube Map
I keep the tube map in my purse, as well as all my cards, loyalty cards, cash and change. My purse is one of the old style Cath Kidston ones, red with little white polka dots I got in my stocking Christmas before last.
Mobile Phone
Samsung Omnia with integrated Microsoft Office. Though I'm an Apple girl I don't have an iPhone yet so I put up with this; the Microsoft Word and easy touch screen typing means I don't need to carry a heavy notebook for my creative writing, and I have my emails integrated onto this too. I used to have the Dolce & Gabbana phone, but I now prefer having a touch screen mini computer!
iPod touch with pink rubber case (with clear stripes to show the silver on the back) and yellow gummy earphones. I also have loads of books to read on it such as the entire works of Shakespeare, Alice in Wonderland and Wuthering Heights. I also have my favorite episodes of Gossip Girl and the first half of the 1st season of Lie To Me.
Books & Magazines
Novella's are thin and light so I try to carry open to read in my bag for if I don't fancy reading off of my iPod screen. I'm studying The Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald so my current novella is A Diamond As Big As A Ritz by the same author. As far as magazines are concerned I like trashy ones like the current Cosmopolitan which I have currently, or Glamour in handbag size instead of my usual Vogue, NYLON, Harpers Bazzar or Tatler.
Hair Scrunchy
Green ruffled silk; I like high ponytails and its good if I have to keep my hair out of my face last minute. Also my hair goes fluffy and tangled in the rain and high wind so I try to tie it up in such conditions to make it more manageable.
In case I do need to scribble something somewhere. I love the funky patterns of the £1 pens from Paperchase.
Brown suede, my favourite Deliciously warm and stylish. They're my second pair; I wore holes in the fingers of my first pair!
USB Drive
I used to lose these like crazy but I got this one as a gift last Christmas and its still going strong. I usually use it to transfer photos to models and MUA's after shoots (its quite large) and to carry back ups of my book.
and finally...
The Bag Itself
Black leather with patent embellishments, yet another last year Christmas gift from my parents this time, Ted Baker.

What do you keep in your handbag?

Love & Raspberry Macaroons

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