Monday, 18 January 2010

The Best Dress Shop In The World & The Best Cupcakes In The City (My Weekend In Photos)

Sometimes I like to go walkabouts with my camera, and as it was raining yesterday I decided to take a wonder down to dry off in Armorie, the place that has to be my favourite dress shop in the world...
Its not just the beautiful dresses that I have worn to Fashion Week and beyond on sale here, its not the fact that its deliciously close to where I live, and its not just how incredibly nice Sophie, who own and runs the shop is (but all this helps!) that makes it my favourite store...  Its the pretty pretty interior!
Why am I always frowning in photographs? And because of the raincoat over my lovely dress I look like I'm wearing a bit of a tent... But, anyway, isn't that the most exquisite dressing room ever? Big mirror, walls hung with white tulle...
I also really love the flowers Sophie has in here... and doesn't she have THE most beautiful personal organiser?
I also have a bit of an obsession with ceiling fittings...
After Armoire (which, for those of you who live in/ regularly go to Canterbury, UK, is on Palace Street, at the Sugar Boy end of the Kings Mile), I headed down the high street for the cafe I had ventured out in the rain for in the first place; Cafe BoHo. I'd always gazed at this place from afar but one day my friend Kathryn took me in there for an early supper and I've been in love ever since. My favourite is my BoHo brunch; smoked salmon scrambled eggs on toast with lemonade (bliss). But this thing they are most famous for, which is something I was heading out for, was their cupcakes. At £2.50 each they're not exactly cheap, but once you've tasted one you'll always think they are worth it!
I'll make sure I take some more inside photos at a later date, but this is the counter and it gives you a bit of a general feel for the place. The lettering on the cupcake frame says "Eat More Cake". Well if you say so...
These are my cupcakes. Don't they look lovely? Its a shame the lighting in my room is really bad... I had the yellow one with a can of Pret Manger Elderflower & Grape soda while I watched The Boat That Rocked (BRILLIANT film!) and I had the red cherry one for brunch in bed with a red berry vitamin smoothie.
After the cupcake mission I headed home, only to be dragged out again by one of my friends as she wanted to go get some film developed. After we'd got that done we went for a browse in Topshop. (You can read about what happened to us in Topshop HERE, and thanks for all your comments on that post, it was fascinating to read all your stories about your experiences with similar things) and I brought the most adorable skirt in the world which I can't wait to wear! It looked great with the plum coloured tights I was wearing when I tried it on. It was on the end of the rack in the petite section as we went up the moving staircase onto the first floor and my eyes locked onto it the moment it caught my eye. I dashed over and grabbed my size at once. There was no way on earth I wasn't trying it on and buying it if it fit and suited me, even though I'd promised myself not to spend any more money on clothes!
On Sunday after cupcake brunch I headed out to a cafe (I'm sorry I didn't take any photos, I didn't take my camera with) and sat and edited my novel for a while (ok, well the whole afternoon). Its called Coffee & Corks and its almost opposite Armoire. Its really nice inside with loads of sofas and comfy chairs, acoustic guitars you can just pick up and play, a bookshelf full of the literary greats (I dipped in and out of a bit of Falkner) and the best Rose tea with fresh lemon slices I've ever tasted. They have open mic poetry nights every week in there and its just a writers and English students haven. I got so much done!

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