Thursday, 27 May 2010

Choosing The Right Lipstick For Your Skin Tone

I'm sure at one time or another you've all spent time at the beauty counter, pondering which lipstick to buy, there are LITERALLY hundreds of different brands and shades to choose from! Which brand you choose and if you go glossy, matte or sheer is up to personal preference, but when you're choosing the shade you have to be very careful to find one that suits your personality, your skin tone, hair colour and eye colour!
Pink Lipstick 

Every girl should have is a good pink lipstick. Either a dark one, or a pale one, but ideally both (and a bright one if you really want to push the boat out!) Surprisingly it's harder to choose the right pink than the right red, but as a general rule darker shades are good for brunettes, lighter or bright light (think barbie) pinks for blonds and either depending on personal preference if you have black hair. Pink generally clashes a bit with red heads, especially if you're more of a carrot top, but the lighter (the more white) in a pink lipstick the safer you'll be as a red head! The brighter the lipstick, if you feel you can carry it off, the more likely it is to suit you as we all learnt with the Centrifuchia shade at the Space NK Lime Crime events. It looked fantastic on everyone!
Red Lipstick 

Another thing every girl should have a classic red lipstick. If you tend to gravitate towards darker clothes you need to pick one with a very slight black, brown or blue hue (these appear darker than true red in the tube) and if you tend to wear lighter or bright clothes you need to select one with an orange hue (these appear slightly orangey). Reds with different colours in them tend to look good with any hair colour, skin tone or eye colour but as every lipstick is different it is always a good idea to test out the shade before you buy just to check it doesn't look like a child has attacked you with their poster paints! If you're a red head any shade or tone of red lipstick tends to look fantastic on you, even the ones with orange tones, but if the lipstick is more orange than red you may run into a bit of difficulty! Some girls, usually those with pale skin look fantastic in true red lipstick, lipstick which does not have any other colour pigments in it. However, you have to be careful with true red as some girls look like, again they've been attacked by a small child if they're wearing it when it doesn't suit them!
Every Day Shades 

Something else every girl should have at least one every day lipstick which she can wear, well, everyday with every outfit she owns and can just grab on the go. Mine is 'Brave', a satin M.A.C lipstick shade. You should choose a neutral shade which, when you are wearing it you don't necessarily notice you're wearing lipstick, but your lips do have some colour.

Fashion Shades 

Shades of fashion lipstick can come in any colour or shade in the planet, and it is the hardest category to choose a flattering shade in. Therefore its best to stick to some ground rules! 
Blacks - You can pull black, shiny or matte lipstick off with any hair or eye colour, but though there are exceptions to every rule when deciding if black lips are for you, the paler your skin the better! 

Purples & Violets - Lets tackle violets first, an extremely popular fashion colour. The darker your skin the better this looks, and it may make you look washed out if you have very pale skin. It looks incredible if you have dark skin and brown hair. Purple is kinder to pale skin and looks good with all skin tones, but still looks better with darker hair than it does light. Both, but purple rather than violet a bit better look great on red heads! 

Oranges - Red oranges look great on tanned skin, for blonds or brunettes but mostly are not so good with black hair, and the more orange the lipstick the more washed out it may make you look if you have pale skin. Pale peachy oranges also look great on tanned skin and if you have dark or red hair, but be careful if you have blond hair, it may make your lips look pale and washed out. Bright oranges look great on more people, and especially if you have bright blue eyes. But if you do have pale skin, and tanned skin as well you need to be careful it is not picking out too many yellow tones in your skin and making you look a bit unhealthy. If you're a red head oranges are generally a no go area as they tend to pick out both your lips and your hair, and unless the shade is a perfect match or that is what you were going for, it looks a bit silly! 

Blues & Greens - Blues and greens are very tricky, and there isn't really a skin tone rule with these. They look better if you match them to your eye colour, and have fun!

What are your favourite lipsticks to wear? The photos in this post were all taken by James Vyn if the incredibly beautiful Kristina Bazan who is one of my favourite outfit post bloggers. She also wears lipstick like no one else. 


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