Saturday, 8 May 2010

Product Review: Topshop Makeup

On Wednesday after my tennis game I headed out to check out the new make-up collection at Topshop. I was naturally very, very excited. A new lipstick and nail polish brand... I'm there! However the item I came away with is the highlighting powder, £8, above. The only highlighters I owned were Benefit's Highbeam and Miss Popularity (I find Highbeam hard to get even and clumps on dry skin areas, and Miss Popularity is really hard to blend) so I decided to give this one a try.
When I got it home the first thing I noticed that hadn't hit me as much in the store was its cute packaging... this will look fabulous in my make-up bag! The only disappointing thing about the casing is it would be nice if there was a mirror in the inside lid, but for £8, even if it would be useful I wasn't expecting one! I usually use my Clinique blush brush for blush, highlighter and bronzer, cleaning the brush in between (brushes are so expensive!), and I round that it was really hard to get the power to pick up on the bristles. I had a bit better luck however with my Benefit fluff shadow brush and even better luck with my fingers! (That's another thing, its hard to try these products in the shop, because there are no brushes to try these things out!) In the end I went with one of those square brushes that com in Benefit blush boxes.
The powder went on well once it was on the brush, but I found it had the same sticking consistency as Miss Popularity - hard to blend. It highlighted all the dry bits of skin too like Highbeam, but when it was finally on the golden highlight looked fantastic! I think this is a product I will be saving for special effects and evenings out rather than an every day product...
I am always, always excited about lipstick - I practically live in the stuff! I also go very excited by this bright coral pink called Brighton Rock, £8 - very British! However, on the back of my hand and on my lips the colour wasn't very full. It could be that I've been spoiled by getting to use all those highly pigmented Lime Crime colours at their Space NK launches, but I found the coverage very disappointing. However it was no better/ worse than many other budget high street products! Insane packaging though which I'd be happy to carry around with me in my pocket!
*edit* After a return visit I like the constancy of the make-up a little more, but its still not very long lasting...
I was really excited to try out these 'Lip Stick' pencils, and chatting to Meriel from beauty blog Hurricane Lemonade just now we both decided, that before trying product, it looks VERY VERY exciting, and we both really wanted one to carry around with us! She's not heading over to Topshop until later today, so I as the only one of the pair of us to have actually tried one. I went for Vintage, £7, and the colour was really great and it went on really, really easy, really good to use, with practice, when you're on the move without a mirror. The only qualm with this one was that the consistency was really thin so I reckon it will smudge, but it was not dissimilar to my Clinique lipsticks, which I love, but I think liking thick lipstick is just personal preference of mine.
I know I am kinda a lipgloss addict, but the lipglosses, to me, have to be THE best part of he collection. Only £5 (I have no idea HOW I didn't pick one of these up, I'll have to get myself one as a post-exam treat!), I tested out Pulp, and instantly fell in love. Not too sticky, and looks great by itself and over lipstick I particularly live the purple tint to give a bit of sheer, totally in this season glamour. There is also a clear one and a whole host of the regular oranges and pinks. It wasn't too sticky as well, and keps my lips moist. Also no plastic taste you get with some of the cheaper lipglosses. I will totally be buying the clear one, as a just as good, cheaper version of my clear M.A.C lip glass I used to be partial too, but I'm not sure yet if the colours will live up to my Clinique superbalm addiction...
I have sensitive skin which involves really, really sensitive eyes, so I couldn't test any of the eye products on myself as I have to be really careful what I use, but the kohl from the SS10 casual collection section of the line caught my eye so much I tested it on the back of my hand. I tried the Metallic Kohl in Moontide, £5, which is a metallic blue. It was really thick and sparkly, and I really really wish I could use this near my eyes! It blended really, really well too!
One thing I was very disappointed about in store was the fact you couldn't try out the nail polishes! Bummer indeed. However Catharine, former Lipstick Royalty Magazine Music Editor whom I have noticed to be a little bit of a nail polish queen (who even got herself out there on the day it launched to check out the line before I even did, and wore the red polish out on Thursday), told me that the colours are fantastic and go on well with one coat, multiple coats just provide staying power. I absolutely LOVE the orange, Flash, (£5) even on the website I knew it was the one for me. I'll have to try it soon! I'm also very exited about trying the matte top coat. Imagine, ay of your nail polish colours being transformed into a matte polish?!? YAY!!!
I also relaly want to try two of he four metallic colours from the seasonal, rotating collection. Apart from the again, really cool packaging, they look like really great colours I could usually get addicted to - Gold Dust and Copper Coated (above). They are also both only £5. I usually only like one colour or matte polishes without shimmer pigments (or a with a gold leaf overlay!), but for metal colours I think with these I would be in heaven! I think one of these may have to be a post exam gift to myself too...
There are so, so many more products in the collection, these are just a sample that caught my eye, but you can check out the rest either in store (I think they now have a make-up concession in most branches) or on the Topshop website!

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