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What's In My Makeup Bag? (18/05/10)

I've had a lot of compliments on my make-up recently, and I've got a really good response from product reviews I've posed so I think I may start posting a bit more about beauty on my blog! Leia from Hi Fashion has suggested that I maybe start posting some make-up tutorials; an exciting but nerve wracking thought!  So, in order to ease myself in I decided to pick up my camera and start showing you guys around my make-up bag instead!
Most of the stuff I use is hypoallergenic, so unless I say its not all of the stuff in the post should be safe to use if you have really, really sensitive skin and/or eyes like me!
In the middle you can see my Clinique green power compact. I hardly ever use it - my Mum gave it to me when she didn't get on with the formula. I like the formula and the fact it acts as a foundation too, but even though its the lightest shade Clinique make its still too orange for my skin tone so once its all gone I'll have to go hunting for a new one!
In front of that you can see my Lime Crime magic dust eye shadows (I know they look different, I've got the vintage packaging!), and my blue Clinique eye tint. Another oldie from my Mum, but I find it creates a nice bit of colour tinted shimmer on my eyelids by itself, as a base coat for blue shadow or mixed with pigment for an opaque finish. I don't think you can buy it anymore though. I really must invest in some eyelid primer. I've tried and love Benefits new one, and have yet to try Clinique's, so I must try that and the new one Lime Crime has coming out before I make a decision and take the leap!
You can also see my Benefit One Hot Minute bronzer, which is by no means the perfect bronzer for my deathly pale skin, but better than some others I've tried so far. However I do find its really hard to use without it spilling everywhere! Its sitting on top of my new Topshop Moonbeam Highlighter and slightly in front of them you can see my Benefit Miss Popularity highlighter which I don't think I'll buy again because its really difficult to blend!
Except from my nail polishes, everything fits (just!) into my lovely Cath Kidston make-up bag, a birthday gift from my friend Anya and which I've been using for years now! Here, on the left are three items you can't see in the rest of this post, the first of which is my Benefit Blush box in Sugarbomb. When I first started using Benefit I fell in love with their blush boxes, and this is their latest which I think, with its four segments is my favourite. However I also love Thrrob andDandelion! On top of that is my favourite concealer of all timeBoi-ing by Benefit. Behind that you can see an eye wand by Benefit, called Ohh La Lift which is supposed to reduce circles, but doesn't work on me so I won't be replacing!
These are my more day to day lipsticks. The only one that is officially hypoallergenic is the Clinique one, but I'm fine with the rest! I'm even fine with the Lancome one, and I'm really allergic to Lancome eye make-up!
From left to right we have Lancome, a gift from my Grandma in '273 Brun 18 Carat'. Or that's what it says on the bottom. She lived in France when she gave to it to me, and though my French is pretty good I'm useless as translating the lipstick and eye shadow colour names when I visit Sephora! I quite like the colour but I find the formula is very thin and watery, and the colour doesn't stay put for very long. But, I think that may be a bit of a personal preference as I like thick lipsticks!
Next is Clinique Long Last Lipstick in 'Pink Spice'. This is my current second everyday lipstick, the other being a neutral colour. However, though it lasts a lot longer than the Lancome its still very watery though it also has a thicker formula. I think when it runs out I'll either try to match the colour approximately to a MAC one (my one true lipstick love) or try out a new brand I haven't tried before; either Benefit lipstick, Chanel, YSL or Laura Mercier I think...
Finally we have my two MAC colours, both satin, my favourite consistency of MAC lipsticks, the first in 'Brave' and then second 'Captive'. 'Brave' is my favourite lipstick of all time... a colour so perfect on me I can get away with wearing ti to school because it blends in, and I can put it on without needing a mirror! It also moisturises my lips and lasts for eons! 'Captive' is the same formula, but a darkened red that I need to be very careful and use a mirror to put it on, but it creates the PERFECT statement lips!
Here we have my Clinique Eye Shadow palette. Its a special edition one, now discontinued, only brought because I got desperate and the Clinique colour I've been using for years had been discontinued on me! After disastrous attempts and Lancome and MAC with eye shadow, I think I'll always stick to Clinique or Benefit around my eyes so not to set my skin off again! The big mirror is really useful, and I've enjoyed having four colours instead of two. I use the second from the left dark brown and the far right pinky brown for a two tone everyday look and the others when i want to play around a bit! Clinique come out with different seasonal palettes a couple of times a year, most of which are always in brown shades so I think when three out of four of these colours are finished I'll just go pick up another one and have a slight change in shades!
In the back row you can also see my mascara and some of my Benefit products. I've tried all but the latest of Clinique's mascaras but High Impact, in black remains my favourite.  You can produce incredible effects if you use two different formulas of mascara together so I also, for a really big bold thick look to use Benefit's BADGal Lash as well. I also want to try this one in plum!
I use Benefit High Beam as one of my three different highlighters. This one is my only liquid, and though it does sometimes clump on dry skin patches I find its brilliant when my skin needs a little bit more of a skin perk up around the eyes and on my cheekbones than usual! I use Benefit's Benetint both as liquid blusher on my cheeks when I want a blusher base to intensify colour, or on its own to go for the long lasting rosy cheek look (or in winter for hockey practice, it stays on when I'm playing where power blush does not!), and on my lips as a tint either on its own, with clear gloss or under lipstick for a long lasting colour finish.
Benefit's You're Bluffing I tried, but once its gone I won' be getting again as it doesn't do anything to hide red patches any more than concealer does, and I LOVE Benefit's Speed Brow eyebrow set as I have mental eyebrows which are so hard to keep under control! This keeps them put, but I have to make sure I moisturise before and after I use it as it does tend to dry out the skin in the area!
Apart from the Clinique Lip Gloss (I have a thing for lipgloss), which I love but find too watery and tastes bad, and my M.A.C Kohl eyeliner which I couldn't live without (this is not hypoallergenic, but I think maybe because its waterproof, it never affects me), these are the only three tools' I use, though I really, really want a lip brush! I've got my eye on a Shu Emura one, but its so expensive!
Here I have a Clinique blush brush, which is getting quite old and I want to replace with the Benefit version as I really like their brushes. I know I really ought to have different brushes for everything, but I don;'t think I need them, so I use this for my blusher, highlighter and bronzer!  I also have a Clinique eyebrow brush and comb. It was free with some Clinique stuff and I don't really prefer a particular brand for these I get through them so quickly! I use it not just on my brows, but to separate clumped eyelashes after putting on mascara (while the mascara is still wet!) too!
The other brush is my lifeline - I don't know what I did without it! Its my Benefit fluff eye shadow brush and its the world best thing to blend shadows applied with a sponge applicator on my lids, to provided even and light coverage of one colour or to put an overlay of shimmer over already done eyes. Perfection in a brush!
These are my Lime Crime lipsticks. I had the red on (Retrofuturist) and Lime Crime's black (Styletto) a while ago but someone nabbed them, and these four lovelies (left to right: CentrifuchiaCountessa FluorescentRetrofuturistAirborne Unicorn) are all gifts from Lime Crime founder Doe Deere for helping her out at her Space NK London launches.
I love all the Lime Crime colours but these four were my favourite, they're really 'me' colours. I use red to add a statement to an every day outfit or evening dress, the purple when I'm wearing all black because its my favourite colour, the darker pink with an everyday bright outfit and the bright pink when I really want to stand out from the crowd!
Another thing you may have noticed I have a bit of a thing for my nail polishes. I have another darker red Nails Inc polish but I think I left it at home! From left to right first we have my Rococo Apparel Gold Leaf top coat (I blogged about it HERE) and then my Nails Inc polishes. Nails Inc is my favourite nail polish (closely followed by Barry M as my favourite budget polish), but have yet to try Chanel, OPI, Essie, the Rococo Apparel colours and Butter London. The pink one in the back is called 'Picadilly Circus' (I love the fact they all have places in London a their colour names!). Then I have 'Jermyn Street' which is my favourite non bright coloured polish at the moment!
Next we have my Rimmel Colours. First Lycra Pro in 'Blue Vogue', which is so easy to use with the most incredible brush on the planet! Then we have the colour I got at Clothes Show London last year which matched my sun dress, 'Sunrise', in he 60 seconds formula, the colour of which has been discontinued.
Finally we have my two newest colours, my budget friendly (unlike everything else in my make-up bag!) £2.75 Barry M Nail Paints in Pale (Bananna) Yellow and Bright (Tory) Blue!
And finally, some of my more out there eyeshadows, my pigments, all gifts from Lime Crime (left to right: Enchant, Snow Queen [discontinued], Mermaid). I love creating cool effects with them all, but the Enchant works great by itself for either smoky or statement eyes depending on how you use it, and the Snow Queen makes a great light shimmer dusting with either itself or over matt shadows.
What one item in your make-up bag could you not live without?

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