Sunday, 27 June 2010

Top Ten Websites For Fashion Bloggers

As both a fashion blogger and a bit of a social media geek I spend most of my day when I'm not at class, hanging around with friends or taking photos on the internet. Sad, but true. That got me thinking about what websites I just couldn't live without as a blogger...

I remember, before Twitter became THE craze to sweep the online world sitting in the sleek and swanky offices of Idea Generation (the web design company) in London having Twitter explained to me.  At the time I didn't see what was all that brilliant about a site where you could only type 140 characters, and I barley used the account that was set up for me for about a year afterwards. However, I got back into the groove just before Twittermania hit and I was glad I did! I'm 101% in love with Twitter now, and using sites like Tinyurl and the shortcut condenser on Tweetdeck Twitter is perfect for letting people know about your latest blog post. Twitter is also perfect for updating your readers and interacting with other bloggers and your readers!

I regularly read 82 different blogs. I just counted. It would be quite some feat to bookmark all of these sites in my bookmark bar, and look at them every day to look for updates, especially when some of these update at least five times a day. I know a lot of people like using Google Reader, but I think Bloglovin' is where it is at for fashion bloggers. All my followed blogs fed into a handy and visually pleasing feed as they are published, with the options to mark as read, bookmark as a favourite and break your stream down into different groups of blogs. You can also edit how your own blog is displayed on the site, add follower counters and follow me on Bloglovin' widgets on your blog and recently they have launched a lovely little widget to display what blogs you follow on Bloglovin' complete with screen shots on your blog sidebar.

Especially if you want to list advertising on your blog, you need full and comprehensive statistics for who visits your website and when. If you have the option to put custom pieces of code into your blog Google Analytics is the most fantastic piece of free software I've ever used. It lets you know how your readers found your website, from what country, even city they're visiting from and a whole load of other interesting information too.

The original and best international networking site for fashion bloggers, created by The Coveted's Jennine Jacob. The blog has some really great articles about and relating to blogging and their Links A La Mode each week links you to the weeks very best blogs and blog posts.

I have to honestly admit that I am a procrastinator of epic proportions. Therefore since I found this handy To Do List site I have been in love, and its helped me get so much done! If your one of these people who like to schedule your blog posts this is perfect for you!
Brainchild of Amy Claire Thompson of Confessions Of A Fashion Editor, British Style Bloggers is the, well, British version of Independent Fashion Bloggers. They also have great e-Book, some killer giveaways (I've won a Lush gift bundle) and a different theme on the blog each month - this month it's festival season! Personally I'm looking forward to the British Style Bloggers meet up in York this summer!

My obsessions with magazines + My love of blogging + Fantastic tips, advice & content written by bloggers for bloggers = Style Sample Magazine. THE online magazine for fashion bloggers which can be viewed online for free, or ordered online in print.

The perfect blog is never complete without pretty, pretty images. If your not a photographer fining these can be difficult, but We Heart It is a handy bookmarking tool for images across the web. you can 'heart' images that over people have imported to the site, or you can install a browser plug in to grab and bookmark any image off of any website onto your We Heart It page to use later!

Formspring sets up a page people (aka your readers) to ask you questions. Usually, your readers have loads of questions about the person behind the blog, and this site is a perfect way to answer them!

Allows you to make and put together outfits out of any items of clothing on the web, and their extensive collection into handy graphics you can embed onto your blog. And it's strangely addictive!

What websites would you not be able to blog without?


  1. I really enjoyed this as there are a few sites I haven't yet visited. Thanks!


  2. Thanks so much for this. I'm a fashion blogger and there were at least 4 sites you listed that I didn't already know about! Great help!! :)

  3. I love your blog!! Just found it :-)

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