Saturday, 17 July 2010

Jalouse Magazine

While I was craning my neck to find my Vogue Paris in my local supermarket in France I spotted a magazine I had never seen before, Jalouse, I grabbed a copy and then promptly fell in love...
Jalouse I think can best be described as Nylon Magazine's French speaking cousin (and we all know about my love for all things Nylon!), and if you can read French at least averagely well I beg you to try and get your hands on a copy - you won't regret it! Also it comes from the same publishers as L'Officiel International, which means the photo editorials have to be fantastic, its like the rule!
Also, if you can read French or you don't mind reading the pretty amazing output of the Google page translator Jalouse also have a fantastic website!
I have only been learning French as a school subject, aside from all the practice I get having a house out there and I found the interviews, and the editorials surprisingly easy to read - I loved this one with Karen Elson - the whole issue had a theme of red heads!
The beauty pages were also incredible, some really great finds - I want some Hello Kitty nail polish!
What magazines from other countries (aside from the UK & the USA) do you love to read?

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