Monday, 19 July 2010

Tea Time

I'm vaguely obsessed with fruit and herbal tea right now.
Cranberry & Sangria Orange. My current lust, a new blend I tried about a month ago for the first time. Brewed as strong as I can get it (a very pretty red pink colour!) but with the cup only filled.
Jasmine. I absolutely adore the smell of jasmine, and every time I go to an oriental restaurant I get a pot of jasmine tea after my meal. I like this lightly brewed so it just has a subtle flavour. Most commercial tea companies mix it with green tea in a blend, which I'm not that struck on and I have to drink with lemon, which ruins the delicate jasmine, so I buy mine from the oriental food store.
Lemon & Ginger. Tea bag brewed is scalding hot water for as long as possible with two fat round slices of fresh lemon in the cup while its brewing, then squeezed when you take the tea bag out. That all translates as very lemony and very strong!
Peppermint. My Mum is an obsessive organic peppermint tea drinker, and though I never used to like the stuff (I used to try hers and hers is brewed so weakly its like water!) now I've tried it brewed strong (but not so strong its bitter) I love it to calm me down if I'm stressed, and to refresh me in the morning during the winter (I tend to drink more fruit teas in the summer months!)
Rose. Except for online, I don't know where I can actually buy this, and my beloved Coffee & Corks, the coffee shop where I used to buy this by the gallon with wedges of lemon loose and sit there and drink typing away on my laptop for whole afternoons at a time has closed down. It was my first herbal tea love, and got me hooked to all the rest. I miss it dearly, but not the airy fuzzy feeling I got if I drunk too much of it. Which I did. A lot.

All this has to be drunk out of my favourite Penguin Classics Lady Chatterley's Lover mug, of course, and except for the special teas I use Twinings tea bags!

What is your favourite flavour of tea, and do you have a favourite mug to drink it out of?

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