Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Current Beauty Bag Lusts

I'm a real sucker for beauty products, so I decided to share some of my current lusts with you all!
I have really pale, really sensitive skin so finding a powder foundation has been a toughie. I don't actually wear any form of foundation past concealer, but sometimes I need a little bit and I've been using Clinique's version. However, in spite of being hyperallogenic the lightest shade is just a touch too dark/ orange for me, so I have to be really careful how I apply it when I use it! So, as far as shade is concerned cue make up artist Alex Box's creation Illamasqua, which I have been eying up ever since my eyes fell upon the deathly pale shades in their first ever ad campaign. It was not until I got a chance to try the powders out on my skin in Selfridges last week did I discover that the powder doesn't give me any adverse allergic reaction did I automatically add it to the top of my wish list as a must have!
I didn't really let myself get all excited about the new Burberry line, even though I'm just that little bit in love with all things Burberry, because I figured I'd be allergic to most of it. That was before I realised that there were lovely. neutral and earthy tones lipsticks and lip glosses included in the line! As a lipstick fiend I want to try out a nice reddish brown colour for the Autumn/ Winter!
As a big fan of brightly coloured mineral eye shadows it's essential that I have a good eye shadow primer, which is something I have yet to accomplish! I know I'm a religious Benefit user and they've got a new one out, but absolutely everyone, including a couple of make up artists I know have sung Urban Decay's Primer Potion's virtues to me, so I think that I may have to try it!
Finally, aside from my nail polish love meaning that I really want to try one of Butter London's polishes, and it being purple (my favourite colour, as well as bring a jewel shade which is in this season), I really want to test run this polish because it's sheer jelly polish. How cool is that - jelly nail polish!
What beauty product do you really want to go out and buy right now?

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