Monday, 30 August 2010

Love Letter To My Moleskine

While many bloggers have been putting away their trusted Moleskine diaries in favour of Filofaxes, I was the other way round - I used to use a Filofax, never got on with it and am now head over heals with my sleek little black Moleskine year planner to keep me organised. The reason I love my diary so much? Because it's just a slimmer version of my true love, my Moleskine notebook...
It's perfect for taking with you to sketch in in art gallerys that do not allow photos. If my drawing isn't that bad, and you're familliar with the installation, you may recognise this wall painting adorned with stuffed birds from the first room of the 'Surrealism and Dreams' wing of the Tate Modern gallery in London.
Also they are great for just generally writing. I'm sad like that but this is an essay I wrote, sitting on the floor in the said same gallery but across the hall where the egg like sculpture by Anish Kapoor (please say i spelt his name right, I'm writing this post on my Blackberry!) stands opposite a painting by Fransis Bacon. A sculpture I love by a sculptor I love, hanging opposite a painting I dislike by an artist I loathe.
I also stick loads of things into my moleskine, and doodle across its pages. I always tear out photos and articles from magazines/ newspapers that are of interest to me for future reference, so a lot of them if they don't go up on the wall end up cut and pasted in here where I can find them! On the left hand side of the page you can see my favorite photographer Tim Walker explaining to i-D Magazine about the shoot for the Miss Dior perfume campaign.
As I generally carry my moleskine with me and usually forget everything else, you can also see my English classnotes on British Theatre post 1945, pink doodles I did in a boring History Of Art lesson and stickers from All Saints and a really nice macaroon shop near where I live in France.
As I do in my regualr moleskine planner, I stick post its all over the pages to add extra dimentions. You can see the big yellow one with a list of freelance articles I needed to compleate at the time on top of the cutting from Vogue Paris.
I also try to mix things up so my pages always look bright and colourful by using lots of diffrent colour inks - pink is always my favorite!
Finally I use my trusty moleskine to scribble notes in for various articles I'm working on and here you can see my very messy but fun to make notes on Maroon 5's new album - Hands All Over - which I both urge to you dash out and buy the moment it drops, and to head out now to grab a copy of VenusZine Magazine to read my review!
Do you still use a moleskine notebook? What do you use it for, and do you have a black one or a red one?

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  1. Hi! I found your blog after browsing google for how others set-up their Moleskine. I have a black two year weekly/notebook. Being in college, it is practically glued to my palm. You have a great blog! Will be following Pinterest as well. (yet another addiction.) :D