Monday, 6 September 2010

Dream Holiday Destinations

I've started to think about what I'm going to do next summer, when I finish school but before I hopefully head off for university, and this has got me thinking about dream holiday destinations; places that I'd really love to visit in the next couple of years money allowing!
New York
The city I most want to visit in the world is New York. Though I'm hopefully going skiing, then to San Francisco at Easter, I've never been to America before and to me, New York seems absolutely magical...
Though I've been once before, it was only for a day trip so Paris is where I hope to head to next July when I finish school. I want to go shopping, go back to the Louvre to have a better look around, sit and write in cafes in the Latin Quater, climb the Eiffel Tower and eat macaroons and pastries! Oh, and visit Chanel. Visiting Chanel is a must!
I really, re want ally to visit Asia, and I don't know why but Thailand holds some sort of appeal for me... I love Thai food and it would be fantastic to try the local fare, the photography opportunities will be incredible and I think it will be such a great cultural eyeopener!
Los Angeles
Boulevard may be that I watch way too much television, but visiting California would be incredible, seeing the Hollywood sign, Sunset Boulevard...Then being able to see the city all up in lights and just soak up the atmosphere...
Where do you most want to visit?

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