Saturday, 4 September 2010

Product Review: Coco Rose London Shoes

I recently won the British Style Bloggers design a logo competition, and the prize was a pair of shoes from Coco Rose London. Actually, I wasn't very excited about this because pumps never stay on my feet so I don't actually own any - but when they arrived the other day and I tried them on I was absolutely blown away!
Coco Rose shoes are little cases of fold up pumps to slip in your handbag so when your heels are hurting your feet at the end of the evening you can slip them off and into the pumps to give your feet a break on the way home!
I was sent this pair in Aqua (£35 from Coco Rose's website!)
They come helpfully folded up in this beautiful little case that is 100% small enough for your handbag! It's also pretty and made of really nice fabric which I just want to keep on running my fingers over!
Inside the shoes come folded up neatly, and these ones are a nice durable black, made of really good quality material I must say, with a really nice pale green grosgrain ribbon at trimming. I also love the gold interior, and the suede Coco Rose label - very chic!
Also in the back of the case there is a little pouch that contains a little fold up bag you can detach to carry your heels in while you walk - handy!
And as you can see they actually fit, they're comfortable and they stay on my feet when they walk! I never really have a prob;em walking in high heels for extended periods of time, but I'm learning to drive at the moment and I'm pretty sure once I have my licence I won't be able to drive in a pair of four inch heels, so these beauties are going straight into the glove pocket of my car to change into when I'm going out! My car is even green, so it's a perfect match! These will also be great next time I go to London if I want to wear heels that aren't wedges somewhere which involves using the tube - I can slip into these while I am commuting!
Would you use a pair of Coco Rose shoes?

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