Saturday, 16 October 2010

The Tate Modern Gallery, London

Though I'm not actually that big a fan of The Tate Modern in London, preferring The Saatchi for modern art, when I found myself there last Tuesday I was over the moon to fin out that photography is now aloud as long as you don't use flash, which mean that I can share some of my favorite pieces and installations that are housed in the gallery with you all...
This egg like structure by Anish Kapoor has to be one of my favorite sculptures in the world. I did studies of it as part of my last art exam, and when I visited the gallery for the first time last year I sat gazing at it for about an hour. For some reason the reflective internal curve just draws me in...
Only Andy Warhol could wallpaper a room with pink cows. I wasn't very well, so I moved on from Warhol's room pretty quickly as it really didn't do much to contribute to my slight headache, but in retrospect I'm quite glad I had the piece of mind to take some photos, the effect is actually pretty cool.
Last year because we weren't aloud to take photos I sat on the gallery floor and reproduced this in my moleskine, but I still don't actually know why I like it so much... What does it say to you?
This room of three almost identical paintings was one of my favorite displays that were new since my last visit to the gallery. Lots of the people I was with found it angry and suffocating, but I just seemed to feel really comfortable in the room...
As some of you may recognise, this very famous work is Salvador Dali's Metamorphosis of the Narcissus. I absolutely adore surrealism and I have inherited my love for all things Dali from my father. We even have four Dali prints going up our staircase at home My mother doesn't mind them, but it's my Dad and I who sit there on the sofa on the landing gazing at them.
It's always nice to see a painting you have studied in the flesh (except some of the pieces in The National Gallery I studies in History of Art, I hated the class and therefore developed a disliking for quite a few of the works that are held in the Salisbury wing) and I know the detail of the narcissus being born from the egg like the back of my hand - I copied it in perfect proportions when I was studying art.
The moment I arrived in this room I took a photo of it on my Blackberry and Tweeted it to Amy from Confessions Of A Fashion Editor. It's a display of communist propaganda from the Russian Revolution and she's absolutely obsessed with that period of history. Is it bad she was the first person I thought of? Though I did find it fascinating as I have studied it too!

Where was your last gallery trip to, and what did you go to see?

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  1. The Tate Modern is an elemental collection for anybody who wants to see basic works from the last 100 years. And it's very modest, not too many pieces of art. Great pics, I'm happy that making pics is allowed now. Although the restaurant was expensive, snobbish place.