Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Product Review: Art Deco Illustration Nails

Do you remember the Art Deco Nail stamping system I raved about in my review of Britain's Next Top Model Live that left a pretty little white bow stamped on top of my nail polish? After the lovely people at Art Deco Nails read about how much I liked their demonstation they offered to send me one of their manicure sets to me to review as a little thank you...
Before I get onto the actual product review, I must say how impressed I was by the service they gave. I was absolutely gobsmacked to find the package with my set on my doorstep less than 48 hours after I emailed them my address. Now that is something I have never, ever seen before!
The set came with two of these plates, each with 7 designs carved onto them, and because I'm big on consistency I chose to put the same trail of stars on each nail.
Next you paint over your chosen design with the nail polish provided. I was disappointed to find that this was a special polish, and my navy blue Rimmel shade I wanted to try just did not work in the process; the white polish was very thick, very fumey and very quick drying but good for the purpose though you do have to act quickly when you move onto the rubber stamping part. But then  checked their website and they sell this polish in lots of different colours including black and gold at only £3.99 a bottle so I cheered up a bit!
Next you have to scrape the excess polish off of the area to reveal the design with the plastic scraper provided.
After that you need to press this rummer stamp on the plate to pick up the polish in the grooves of the design and then firmly press and roll it once over your polished nail, making sure you are printing over a clean surface.
Afterwards you can clean everything; the plates, the scraper and the stamp with your usual nail polish remover really easily.
Except for the fact you can't use your own polish colours (or at least the Rimmel ones), I really like this system but not all of my nails came out perfectly, it took a while to get used to the technique so I really think this system comes down to practice makes perfect. Will I be using it every time I paint my nails? No, but I'm more of a plain, deep coloured manicure girl myself - my current manicure is really pushing the boat out! Though I will be breaking it out for special occasions...

The 'Kitty' manicure set as seen above is £24.99 from the Art Deco Nails website.
The lovely people at Art Deco Nails also sent me this dinky little container of tiny rhinestones for my manicures which I can't wait to try out next time I have a special occasion! I'm going to a ball as Aphrodite in December and I was thinking maybe white nail polish with my gold leaf topcoat and silver rhinestones?
In case you were wondering, the fantastic (but slightly chipped!) shimmery bronze base coat I've been working over is two coats of 'Take The Stage' (right) and a top coat of 'Rising Star' (left) from the current O.P.I Burlesque collection. I've never used O.P.I before, but I have found that they, yet again have fallen victim to my 48 hour chip rule; my nails don't hold onto polish very well so a manicure usually doesn't stay longer than 48 hours without a top coat, without chips. The only exception I have found to this is Essie nail polishes. Though, I don't think this is going to be stopping me laying my hands on the incredible colours in theKaty Perry O.P.I Collection next year though!

Do you favor plain colour on your nails, or do you like having jazzy and intricate manicures?

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  1. Thanks for all of the info on nail polish and such. I want to try out this stamping kit! My daughter (who is three) has been addicted to nail stickers lately, but they fall off of her nails in a couple of minutes. I wonder if this would last for a whole day on her. Hmm...