Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Ten Articles Every Blogger Should Read

Every blogger wants to know how to make their blog better. From starting to turn a profit to taking better outfit photos there is something all of us could improve on. What we really need to do it learn from the experts - so I've complied this list of tips from the pros to improve your blog and your blogging style!
1. How Important Is Naming Your Blog by Gala Darling - Just about the most important thing your blog has is it's name and URL, it's the first thing readers see of your blog, and it's what they draw their first impressions from. Gala's article also talks about having your name as your blog name and your URL, something you really should consider.
2. Give Great Blog: 7 Tips For Conducting Interviews by Style Sample Magazine - The easiest way to get good quality unique content for your blog that drives in traffic is a good interview - so you've got to learn how to write an interview that has them coming back for more!
3. The Money Myth of Fashion Blogging by Ashe Mischief - Anyone who wants to consider blogging as a career needs to take a real look of the realities of financing.
4. Round up of Independent Fashion Bloggers Evolving Influence 2010 Conference (Part 1Part 2) by Style Sample Magazine - I don't live in New York, so I couldn't make it to the conference itself, but I live streamed almost all of it and got some really great tips on how to improve my blog. This pair of posts are bullet points of every piece of advice every speaker gave !
5. Does Gifting Affect Blogger Credibility? by Jennie Jacob - When you start to pick up momentum as a blogger people will want to start sending you fee stuff. I received a lovely little package this morning and I cant wait to start writing about wat was inside it! But how do these little 'perks of the job' affect your credibility?
6. The Cultivation Of Online Personas by Nubby Twiglet - You can blog fashion, or beauty or runway, but what if you're just blogging you? This article really explains to you the ins and outs of being your own brand.
7. How To Take Your Own Outfit Photos by Independent Fashion Bloggers - Something I need to learn from actually!
8. Skills Bloggers Can Use To Get Hired by Jennie Jacob - Everyone wants to be able to pad out their resume with all their skills and stuff to help them land their dream job. This post helps you identify skills you have gained from blogging that can actually help you get that job!
9.  3-2-1 Contact: Developing Relationships With Retailers by Style Sample Magazine - There is only one little independent dress boutique where I live, and I get on really well with Sophie who owns it. I as lucky; I met her first time I wondered into her shop with armfuls of her dresses I had volunteered to return after a fashion show and I've kept in contact with her since. But how do you develop that all important relationship with no form of introduction?
10. The Triple Threat: Personality, Branding and Blogging by Nubby Twiglet - All you need to know about turning you and your blog into a successful brand using your blog and social media tools. Some food for thought.

Were any of these helpful? Which articles would you recommend as must reads for blogger?

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