Monday, 29 November 2010

Top Tip For Freelancers: Write About What You Love (Why I'm No Longer A Fashion Journalist)

I have a confession to make. On the most part, I hate writing about fashion. I've spent almost 3 years as a fashion journalist, and I'm pretty sure I haven't enjoyed a single moment of it over the last year. I love shopping, I love clothes; but I just don't enjoy writing about them.
This week I've been writing a piece for magazine X, a magazine I've admired for being absolutely fantastic ever since I started, and where it has been one of my main goals to contribute to. When I got the email from the editor asking me to contribute I literally jumped up from my desk and jumped up and down with excitement that I was finally getting a chance to write for them. I got my assignments over the next few days, and then I set down to work.
And I didn't enjoy a single moment of writing.  Honestly. I resented having to write the piece and having to meet the deadline. I felt none of the spark I usually feel when I'm writing about a topic I love, and in my heart of hearts I know I wasn't able to give the pieces my allI just couldn't make myself focus and apply myself to the task at hand. I'm ashamed at myself that I've handed in an assignment that I haven't given my best to.
I don't always feel like this; to the contrary every single piece I've written for VenusZine magazine, including the reviews of the albums I've absolutely hated and made my ears hurt to listen to, I've loved almost ever minute of writing. I relish the challenge and enjoy each piece, spending hours on each one if I can. When I used to get makeup, perfumes and beauty products sent to me when I was Editor of Lipstick Royalty Magazine I used to have so much fun trying out all the different products and finding fun things to write about them.
Do you know what? I'm not a fashion writer. I don't think I ever was. I'm a culture writer. A music write. A beauty writer. Maybe even a politics writer, but I'm still figuring out if I'm actually any good at that at the moment!
This is why, from this day fourth, unless a magazine who's fashion pieces I truly love like Nylon comes knocking I will no longer be a fashion journalist. That is not to say that I'll no longer be writing about fashion. If someone sends me a link to a beautiful dress I'll still write about it's aesthetic, nut except for my ongoing jobs and projects, no more trend reports. No more runway previews. No more collection reviews. I can't actually take anymore. But don't worry. I don't think it's actually possible for me to to stop blogging about makeup and generally pretty things! I will also still love fashion magazines half to death, and I'm still planning some fashion publishing commentary posts for you all in the near future.
I'm a culture journalist. Literature is my life. I love my odd gigs for magazine's like VenusZine reviewing books and albums, and I hope to get involved in more projects like this in the future. Why waste your time doing something that you don't only not enjoy, but that you're growing to loathe?

Are any of you stuck in a rut doing something that you just don't enjoy?

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  1. My blog is mainly focused on fashion, but i have never aspired to be a fashion journalist. Just because i would lose the buzz of fashion and it would become tiresome. However, i really truly want to make a career talking about beauty, it's odd. xxx