Monday, 15 November 2010

What Do People Who Don't Blog Do Online?

Over lunch I was chatting with a friend about how our lives are increasingly becoming digitalized. Since I started a Times Online subscription I now read my daily newspaper online and thanks to different channels and networks offering live streaming and catch ups of their shows online I now watch all my television online instead. I still buy magazines, but not as many as I used to because why pay for the content I can get free online? My blog feed keeps me informed of most things, and if I had an iPad the need for glossy magazines would become obsolete if you so wished.
Now, thanks to my Blackberry I don't have to be in front of my computer to be permanently plugged in, with Twitter on the go, applications and my emails in the palm of my hand. I was walking down the street the other day and at the same time I was replying to an email from a PR company.
I spend a ridiculous amount of time online; writing, reading blogs and news pieces, looking at photos, networking and communicating with friends, readers or people I'm working on projects with. It's my job to be online so it's my excuse for it; my life is not by blog (thankfully!) but it is a very big part of it so I put as much effort in as I do any other aspect of my day to day life.
But what for the life of me I can't remember was what I was doing online before I started working on magazines and writing my blog. I watch a lot of TV online, and I know I did that before but otherwise, I know I still spent a lot of time online but I can't even remember what I was doing, and if it was constructive or not.
That raised the question in my mind, something we were both discussing, what do people wo don't blog or run some sort of online business do online? She told me she watches a lot of anime, and she likes to browse people's outfit photos on That got me thinking about something else... what percentage of blog readers are bloggers themselves, and how many people enjoy reading blogs without being a blogger themselves? Something else to think about is Twitter. People tell me they don't see the point in it, and I say I find it useful because I use it as a promotional tool for my blog - so what is the point in using Twitter if you don't follow news sites and people who's lives you're interested in, if all you're going to tweet about is what you ate for breakfast?
What do you spend your time online doing? If you're a blogger, what were you doing online before you started your blog?

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  1. That last point has always intrigued me. What if we are our own world? The only blog readers are bloggers themselves and so forth. Do the majority of the non-blogging world give two cents about the blogs out there? Interesting thought indeed!