Monday, 22 November 2010

What Is The Point Of Outfit Posts?

A question I always seem to be asking myself while browsing other peoples blogs, and when I'm flicking through websites like, is 'What;s the point of outfit posts'? So many bloggers seem to be doing them, there are entire books and websites dedicated to street style and they seem to attract bloggers masses of loyal traffic.
But here's the thing. I don't actually enjoy looking at other bloggers outfit photos much. I read a few outfit bloggers blogs; Lily Melrose over at LLYMLRSbecause I do actually love her personal style, as she never wears trousers and likes the same kind of colours as me so she has some appeal, and Gala Darling because her style is quirky and fun and her photos are fun to look at, as well as the rest of the content on her site being absolutely fantastic.
But I think I've finally worked out the answer, aside from the pictures actually being pretty. It's all about the aspirational. We read glossy fashion magazine likeVogue where most of us cannot even dream of being able to afford the clothes because it's all about aspiring to own pretty, pretty things. Fashion bloggers may sometimes be decked out in designer gear, but unless you're like Jane Aldrige most bloggers are just like you and me, but creating beautiful magazine editorial worthy photo shoots wearing clothes that we can all afford. Outfit posts male the aspirational accessible.
Style bloggers and their outfit posts can also act as your own personal shopping guide. I never find shopping guide pages in magazine all that helpful because none of them cater to both my style and my budget. I mentioned how much I loved reading Lily Melrose's blog; she has a very similar personal style to me and we shop in similar stores with a similar budget. I've never brought anything out of the shopping pages of a magazine, but my favorite Primark dress I wear almost all the time now I hunted out specially after I'd seen it on Lily's blog and fallen in love with it.
Personal style posts, if not for other people can also serve as a style diary for yourself. Ever wondered what sort of clothes you used to wear when your were in school or still in college - if you had been taking regular outfit posts you'd be able to look back and find out! It's also fascinating to see how your (or anyone else's!) personal style has evolved over time.

Do you post outfit photos on your own blogs? Do you enjoy looking at other bloggers outfit posts?


  1. I want to start posting pictures of my outfits! I'm not too great with photos though, especially since my camera is quite old now. But thanks for inspiring me to go ahead with it anyway :)) And, yes, sometimes I do like to watch other bloggers' outfits :)

  2. Oooh i love looking at other people outfit posts and it helps with seeing how some items are styled differently, but i haven't ever really built up the courage to take my own (esp outside) People in the UK give such funny looks when they see you taking pictures of yourself haha but i just need to not care and do it! :)

    Ive just found your blog its lovely :)

    Stacie xo