Monday, 8 November 2010

What's In My Bag? (8/11/10)

As you can see I haven't changed my handbag yet, I think I'm going to try and eek it out for as long as possible then try and find a family member to buy me an Alexa for a birthday or something... For those new readers it's a black leather and patent Ted Baker one!
This camera I've been shooting recently with I borrowed from the photography department; a vintage machine that shoots 35mm film and is loaded up with Black & White 400 ISO at the moment - I'm not looking forward to having to give it back!
I have my trusty black moleskine 2010 diary; I can't actually live without it! If I don't get anything else for Christmas this year, I just want my 2011 moleskine diary! Also here you can see the most recent issue of NYLON magazine, which I'm in the habit of carrying around with me, a Vanilla perfume atomiser from Sephora in Paris (unless I go Christmas shopping in Rennes in December where there is a Sephora I will have to make sure I eek it out until I can go visit the Sephora in Paris I originally brought it from in July for another one!) Also here we have my writing addiction I do everything in, a bic four colour pen.
Here you can see my red spotty Cath Kidston purse, the best one I have ever had and love completely to death with pockets for my credit cars, cash, coins, rail card... Speaking of my rail card you can see it in its South Eastern Trains wallet which is great, but I need to replace because there is something that is up with it that it keeps on fading my ticket information when they're kept inside... not helpful! Also we have my pen drive, my iPod touch, my right hand aka. my Blackberry Curve, Clinique Superbalm Lipgloss (brilliant, I really recommend it!), M.A.C. Satin Lipstick in Brave (my everyday shade) and my Love & Toast hand cream.

What have you got in your handbag at the moment?

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