Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Holiday Gift Guide: The Literature Lover

So unless you've been living under a rock for the last month, or you've just been holed up in your house without turning on the TV, computer or venturing out to the shops you would have realized that the holiday season is upon us at last, and that means one thing (among others!): you've got to start gift shopping. I usually hate doing this, I find it so hard to buy for people!
Over the next two weeks I'm going to be sharing my holiday gift guides for three of your 'friends' - The Literature Lover, The Fashion Blogger and The Makeup Mistress - I hope they help you out with your shopping!
Book Lover
1. Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen (Penguin Classics Special Edition), £14.99 - One of Jane Austen's greater novels, and with this beautiful printed linin hard cover and binding. A book that is not only brilliant, but looks pretty too. Too nice to go on the shelf, how about giving them to people to use as coffee table books too?
2. Penguin Classics 'Wuthering Heights' Mug, £8.95 - If you've been reading this for a while, you'll know all about my obsession attachment with my Penguin Classics mug, and I think everyone and anyone who is even partially literary inclined should have one to drink the obligatory tea or coffee out of while they are curled up with their book. Preferably in front of a nice wood fire.
3. Leather Cambridge Satchel, £75 - Every book worm needs something to carry their books in. These leather satchels are handmade in Cambridge and you can get them in loads and loads of different colours. They look both vintage and adorable, as well as being very practical!
4. Vintage Pink Cashmere Bed socks, £28 - The price tag may be decadent, but these White Company bed socks, that also come in white and grey. Soft. And snuggly. And warm. And brilliant.
5. Hotel Chocolate Pink Champagne Truffles, £17 - My favorite festive activity is to curl up (wearing lovely and soft bed socks!) on the little one man sofa in my room and read a good book, while eating my favorite pink champaign truffles from Hotel Chocolate. You can order them online in the USA as well as in the UK now, and they truly are decadent. Melt in the mouth champaign filling, creamy milk chocolate, all dusted with a light sweet strawberry sugar. Bliss.
6. Moleskine Book Journal, £15.99 - I've never been good with book journals, but this one is by Moleskine, and everything by Moleskine is fantastic. I think every reader should have one of these, because however bad they are at updating it, once they get the hang of it how useful would it be to have a reminded of every single book you've ever read all in one place!?

What are you going to buy your literary inclined friends this year?

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