Monday, 20 December 2010

Mon Décembre Français

As some of you may know on Thursday I got back from a lovely and refreshing mini break at my house in France. As usual, I have lots of lovely photos from the places I visited and of the lovely food I ate. Yes, I am addicted to France!

One of the best things about French supermarkets has to be the excess of very cheap but very, very good wine. After dinner one night I was testing out a macro lens and Canon camera I'd borrowed over Christmas (I'm more of a Nikon girl myself but I'm looking to go macro) so that's why my glass of rose is covered in my finger prints and you can see my mothers reflection in it!
Because they have such amazing brioche bread I mad my absolute favorite as a treat breakfast on my first morning; scrambled eggs with smoked salmon on toasted brioche - it's to die for! If you've never tried it, you really, really must! I always order it if it's on the menu when I'm going out to brunch!
See also, lots of chocolate pudding and vanilla ice cream!
I go into photographer hyperdrive when I'm in France; I was carrying four different cameras around with me! I handed a couple to my mother to hold while I was getting some photos for my coursework unit on religion in the local cemetery, and as one of the cameras she was holding was my usual SLR that she knows how to use, so got quite a few snaps of me in action, huddled up in the camel coat because it was absolutely freezing (but, incidentally much warmer than it was in England!)
On the first day I was there it was sunny as well as freezing, so my mother and I wrapped up warm and ventured out for a walk around the rural roads near our house. My mother hates being photographed, but I love her beautiful red hair!
I love the area usually when I visit in summer, but it was the first time I had visited in winter; the landscape looked so striking with all the leaves down in winter!
We went to the Christmas market in Rennes, but what I really, really loved was the most amazing smelling chocolate shop on one of the main shopping streets in the city centre. All the different chocolates looked amazing, but...
... the mountains of macaroons were TO die for! The vanilla was lovely, the raspberry (usually my favorite) were not actually the best I had ever tasted, but the rose macaroons were the best macaroon I'd ever tasted in my life. My new favorite - next time you see one you must try it!
Another food photo, the amazing French french stick you get in bakeries, supermarkets and cut up in baskets with your meal every time you go out. This basket I snapped in St Malo and I had with my mussels cooked in white wine!

What's your favorite thing about going on holiday?


  1. beautiful pictures and I really want a macaron now!

  2. I love how cheap the good wines are & you get them just at the supermarket. We were all giddy about it, expecting little, its just not possible right, but again and again so pleasantly surprised! Favorite things about travelling: different smells, tastes, sights, it just makes life seem fresh to all the senses.