Friday, 31 December 2010

Weekly Love - Week 51 (Happy New Year!)

+ Happy New Year everyone!

+ Taylor Momson for John Galliano's latest perfume - such a pretty bottle too!

+ A great big screw you to those to tell me it's uncool to like Taylor Swift. In the current issue of Nylon actor Ian Harding (Pretty Little Liars) has chosen the song 'Haunted' off of her new album for his mix tape, explaining that "I'm an unbashed T-Swift fan. Her new album's great, and I'll shank anyone who says otherwise." Take that.

+ The Burlesque film trailer - I really want to go and see this before the holidays are over.

+ Hello to all my new readers who have found your way here through the lovely Lily's blog - that girl is amazing, and inspiration to all us bloggers out there!

+ Lunch and shopping with my friend Kathryn and her beautiful new Mulberry handbag. We bumped into Gem from Gem Fatale's style blog. That was fun!

+ Nylon Magazine's 2010 best dressed list. I agree with it almost 100%.

+ Grit & Glamour has created the loveliest post to make you a better blogger in 2011.

+ A special shout out to my friend Tristan, who you may recognise from some of my past 'Weekly Loves'. He was very sad he didn't get a mention last week though he's been keeping me entertained via bbm over the holidays. Thank you Tristan! x

+ Amber Grey has shot a beautiful wedding dress shoot for Brides.

+ Have you entered my giveaway to win one of two boxes of bath goodies from Lush yet?

What have you all been enjoying this week?


  1. Happy new year Rachel! I know you and Gem live in the same town and I have wondered before why you hadn't met up or at least bumped into her! Hope you have a great year xx


  2. @ Leia - We have! She works in Topshop and I sometimes stop for a chat when we both have a moment!

  3. ive been looking forward to the new year, to going to the brits and thinking of all the things in store for next year
    you have a super pretty blog

  4. Happy New Year :)
    Miss D xox

    Ps. Taylor swift is cool, those guys don't know what they're on about!!

  5. I loved Grit and Glamours post! It's so useful.
    Hope you have a fantastic 2011.

  6. Great list! The Amber Grey wedding dress shoot is absolutely BEAUTIFUL - all the gowns are stunning, especially the last one - the sheer volume and mauve color are gorgeous. Also agreeing with Emma Watson on Nylon's best-dressed list...I love her.

    Happy new year!


  7. I like these random lists:)

  8. Thank you for the links lady, some of them are so useful! I hope 2011 is a great year for you :) x

  9. I love the links that you provided! Followed. xoxo

  10. i've been enjoying your wonderful writing. i only just joined bloglovin and i'm very pleased to have found a blog such as yours. keep up all your tremendous work in 2011.


  11. I had no idea Taylor Momsen was coming out with John Galliano! The ad is gorgeous. I'm going to check out the rest of the links now :)

  12. Beautiful 2011 :))))))


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