Friday, 7 January 2011

Weekly Love - Week 52

First, I want to announce the two wonderful winners of my Lush bath box giveaway! Congratulations to:

I've popped you over an email so it would be lovely if you could email me the address you want your bath box sent to I'll make sure its on its way! Thank you to everyone else for entering, and I'll try and have another giveaway soon! 

+ The most beautifully packaged soaps on the planet. It's my birthday in 3 months *hint*!

+ Watching a ridiculous amount of The West Wing.

+ My new passport arriving - the new ones are so pretty! Next stop, American visa...

+ My lovely, comfy extra long high waisted new Topshop leggings.

+ Starting a brand new black Moleskine 2011 diary.

+ Rus Anson photography. Wow. Just wow.

+ Creative Recreation Shoes. I love the ladies Viana shoe in rust!

+ People entertaining me by bbm-ing me while they're really drunk. You know who you are.

+ New Year lychee cocktails, nail painting and watching The Devil Wears Prada with Kathryn on New Years Eve. She also brought a honeycomb smash cheesecake. Amazing.

+ Listening to way too much Taylor Swift.

+ I love Mulberry and I love Tim Walker. Which means I'm totally in love with their new ad campaign! 

+ Using a tree shedder. Yes I am cool.

+ I'm rather fussy about what beauty blogs I read, but I'm so happy to have found Jessica Rose's beautiful blog Star Violet Beauty.

What have you all been enjoying this week?


  1. I love your blog!! I follow you!

  2. So many lovely things this week Rachel!


  3. Aw congrats to the winners! :) Those soaps are so beautiful! x

  4. Congratulations to the winners! And yes, a West Wing DVD box is seriously addictive...

  5. Thank you for the link, and YAY ON TAYLOR SWIFT! :)

    What are you planning on going to America for? I'm getting really nervous about whether I'll get my international exchange this year now!!


  6. @ Amy - Good luck - you'll be fine! And I'm going skiing in America in March. Unless of course they refuse my visa request!

  7. lovely, lovely, lovely things! so pretty! but i'm confused as to what the link box is for :s. i bet its a really simple idea to grasp and i'm just being thick ha!


  8. @ Anonymous - I know, people don't seem to be getting it! If you do any form of weekly round up on your own blog, put the link, the name of your blog and your email address in the box and it will appear at the end of the post!

  9. just came across your blog and i really like it! xo

  10. Hey Rachel..
    when is the next giveaway.. :D

    anyway, starting to heart you blog

  11. @ Restii - I have absolutely no idea, but hopefully sometime soon!

  12. Gorgeous selection of things and some great links too!

  13. Your blog is really delightful, I like all the pictures :)

  14. I love the colours you have flowing the here. The editorials, match the cupcakes! It's brilliant. Thanks for sharing and drop by me too when you have time.


  15. lovely pics!< 3

  16. Your Weekly Loves are my favorites! Yay to America! Hope that my country treats you well while you're there. :) ) )