Friday, 21 January 2011

Weekly Love - Week 54

+ I got Pinetrest - such a great new inspiration & virtual pin board driven social networking site! If you want a invite, let me know and leave your email address in the comments! I have actually become totally addicted. I never really 'got' Tumblr, so this is even more exciting for me than the day I discovered We Heart It!

+ Lunch at Canteen and random ramblings around town with my friend Tristan makes for a good Saturday afternoon.

+ Be sure to check out Kokopelli Blu, a blog one of my dearest friends has started!

+ Finding out that not one, but two universities actually wants me enough to make me an offer!!! One of which means that I'll be able to move to London in September! 

+ Going to see The King's Speech with Helen - such and incredible film - Helena Bohem Carter and Colin Firth are such incredible actors, if you have time you must go and see it!

+ This amazing husband & wife blog team and their beautiful photos as they travel the world...

+ Benefit lipgloss in 'Life on the A list'.

+ Interpretive dancing down corridors to 'Mine', 'You Belong With Me' and 'Better Than Revenge' by Taylor Swift!

+ Antonia explores how people don't like talking to people they don't know on the phone.

+ Reading Shakespeare. (Though, this photo is of my Paradise Lost text - the annotations are much prettier!)

+ Moet champagne in pretty pink bottles you can cover with your own graffiti. 

+ The very sudden and very high possibility that I'm going to get an unexpected short holiday break to Cornwall this year. I have not been since I was about 9 years old! 

+ My lovely blogger friend Lauren's new photography company - Smitten Pictures!

+ Some days it's starting to be quite sunny and not too cold - Spring is on its way methinks.

+ This week I wrote a piece for Mookychick about my love for vintage books and my new business venture, Pilgrims Proverb.

+ I am a photographer so therefore I need one of these lens bracelets in my life asap!

+ Finishing all my January exams.

+ Be sure to check out the 'Her Style' section of the new Lime Republic website that yours truly has been writing copy for!

+ Eating lots of different types of Christmas chocolates.

+ They're talking about personality conflicts between bloggers over at Independent Fashion Bloggers.

+ For those of you who were wondering I decided to name my satchel Charlotte - I'm glad you all like her! Also, thanks for all the fantastic advice as to what to do about my allergy to her!

+ My first review for Judging Covers - The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

+ Drinks with the girls.

+ All new episodes of some of my favourite shows, including Lie To Me, Pretty Little Liars & Grey's Anatomy!

+ You can now get Lomography notebooks. Did I mention that it's almost my birthday?

+ Former Labour MP's sitting in the House of Lords are filibustering to try and prevent the May referendum on the Alternative Vote. I don't agree with what they're doing, but filibusters are my favourite political entity. Now, if you did not understand a word I just said just move on and mark me down as a total politics geek! Guilty as charged.

+ Claire has written a lovely post about the Lush bath box she won in my recent giveaway!

+ Cait teaches us how to print our own tee shirts.

+ Watching the sun go down outside my dorm room window.

+ Cecilia Cheung stars in a both fun and breathtaking photo shoot for Harpers Bazaar China.

+ Munching away on my caramel Hotel Chocolate giant chocolate slab.

+ Teen Vogue interviews Lucy Hale - I absolutely love her! Anyone here watch Pretty Little Liars?

+ Dahlia, my recent London dress find which I must order from sometime! (via A Million Dresses)

+ Listening to Katy Perry's first album, 'One Of The Boys' - the whole thing is incredible and it just never gets old for me!

+ I want, no, need some of these cushions in my life!

What have you been enjoying this week?


  1. I got the Pinetrest invite: Can't wait to play around with it.
    And congrats on the 2 uni offers!! Can't wait to have you in London!
    Can't wait to check out these links.

  2. Thank you for including me :) Some great links - trying to work my way through - whilst being distracted by work!!

  3. Lovely post. Sounds like a great week! I love dahlia dresses. I must have one in my life! x

  4. Ooh, is Canteen good? It's right by my office but I've never been to it before, just ogled the hot waiters through the window (totally not a stalker, honest!)

    I love those lens brcelets too!

  5. love these posts, so many great things to read and inspirations. I'm checking out the lip gloss (love benefit), desperately want to see kings speech and think those lens bracelets are amazing!!!

    Hannah xx

  6. This week I booked flights to Paris for me and a few friends for a weekend away next month :]

    Kings Speech is amazing, you wont be disappointed!

  7. i've pinterest too! but i don't really like it, i prefer tumblr or even weheartit, they're faster!:)

  8. love drinks with the girls xxxx

  9. Ooooh, a pinterest invite ? me likeeeyyyy ! i'd love it if you could send me one that would be AWESOME (i'm not exaggerating i've been on their list for like three centuries, this is getting annoying)

    my email adress is jack(at) !

    (one more thing, don't mind the username, i'm actually a girl) (so you don't think i'm a weird creepy guy or something)