Monday, 28 February 2011

Product Review: Benefit Bella Bamba 3D Blush

As many of you will know I'm an absolute Benefit junkie, but I'm especially in love with their blush boxes.  I naturally got really excited when I found out they were bringing out a new blush box, Bella Bamba and naturally I headed straight out to pick one up! 

What struck me first about the blush box, was that it looked totally different! Instead of the lid coming clean off it folds open. At first I really was not sure about this, and did not get on with it, but once I stopped thinking about it I've realized that I quite prefer it! Also, I always have to carry a mirror around with me to use with my blushes, but the new Bella Bamba box had a nifty little mirror in the lid. Not great for doing your makeup with, but just perfect for touch ups on the go! 

Bella Bamba claims to be their first 3D blush to sculpt and highlight. I don't know much about the sculpting, but I think that the powder does sculpt and highlight, and is much better than any other conventional blushes from Benefit. I find it has more pigmentation than any of the other Benefit blushes, and I'm so in love with it I hope they bring out the same formula in some less bright and strong colours, because at the moment I can only use it as a colour highlight as I have such pale skin! In truth I really, really love this blush and I will be buying it again! 

As the girl at the Benefit counter pointed out to me when I tried it, Bella Bamba also includes a new shape fluffy brush, which with its curved edge and softer bristles I find to be a big improvement on the old ones. With all my other Benefit blush boxes I use a different brush, but I use the Bella Bamba brush with this blush! 

left to right: Coralista, Sugarbomb, Bella Bamba

I swabbed Bella Bamba (far right) on the back of my hand for you to all see, and next to it (to really show the pigmentation and brightness of the colour to you) the other two Benefit blushers I have to hand, Coralista (the colour I was previously using to highlight) and Sugarbomb, my base blush. I will not be replacing Coralista and using Bella Bamba instead of it in future!

*edit 14/05/11* I have hit the bottom of this blush and I have found that though it costs the same as all the other Benefit blush boxes, just get just under 50% less as it is held in a shallower pan. 

What was the most recent piece of makeup you bought? 

Friday, 25 February 2011

Weekly Love - Week 58

+ My favourite sex & relationships writer Tracy Clark-Flory evaluates how technology has impacted flirting and forming relationships.

+ Going to see The Heretic at the Royal Court theatre on Sloane Square, London with my friend Rachel - such an incredibly funny play! 

+ Getting my hair coloured for the first time ever!

+ New in at Pilgrims Proverb: a beautiful little book of Eighteenth Century Comedy!

+ This brilliant piece in Vice explains the reality of going to a Fashion Week runway show. Don't get me wrong, I love fashion week but this piece perfectly demonstrates why I would turn LFW tickets down for a better offer!

+ 5 inch and up gives us a preview of Temperly London... 

+ Leighton Meester is on the Cover of Nylon Magazine, you can't possibly understand how excited I am by that!

+ Pampering myself with Lush's Jasmin and Henna Fluff-Eaze hair mask after a traumatic morning at the hospital. I don't like blood tests!
+ Looking at all the pretty shop window displays in central London, this one is from the flagship Topshop store on Oxford Circus!

+ Cooking at home with my Mummy.

+ I wrote a review of The Girl Who Played With Fire for Judging Covers!

+ Spending some quality time with Amy, but first having a really nice blogger lunch with her, Susie & Sherin!

+ Diet Coke and ASOS are collaborating so that if you check under the ring pull of any of their limited edition cans of Diet Coke with a red kiss on them you will find a code for either £100, £20 or £10 off at ASOS, or a £5 off if you spend over £20 code! Also, they are launching a search for the next Street Style Star, and all you have to do to enter is to upload your photo to the ASOS site!

+ My favourite fashion journalist, features editor of NYLON Dani Stahl visits the O.P.I factory in her most recent Factory Girl column! 

+ I love all the fur on the Oscar de la Renta runway!

+ Listening to Maroon 5's iTunes session - violins accompanying She Will Be Loved is pure genius.

+ An interview with the dog who was sitting front row at the Mulberry show - such a clever blog post! 

Going to see my favourite band of all time, Maroon 5 in Brixton with Sherin - it was one of the best evenings I've ever had!

+ The Fantastic Mr Fox at Mulberry A/W 2011

+ Discovering Japanese Bubble Tea at Camden Locks. I really was not sure about it at first, but I think I may have come round! (I tweeted a photo!)

+ Jac & Jil goes behind the scenes before Jason Wu's show.

+ Spending an afternoon playing lacrosse almost a year after I gave it up, and winning the tournament!

+ One of my favourite actors, Benedict Cumberbatch dresses as his screen persona, Sherlock Holmes at the Mulberry show.

+ Going out for the most incredible Thai meal. Mussels cooked in fish sauce and lemon grass taste absolutely incredible.

+ Carrie took some really beautiful shots backstage at Charles Anastase!

What have you all been enjoying this week?

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Graze Boxes (You can try one for free!)

On Friday my first ever Graze Box arrived. I've been considering signing up for a while now, and I was not disappointed! First, I must apologise that my photos in this post I have kidnapped from the Graze website - I took some but the lighting was bad and I was too impatient to just dig in! 

Basically, once or twice a week Graze will send you a box packed full of four healthy and delicious tasting goodies along with a nutrition leaflet, which is actually really helpful. The graze range included fresh baked foccaccia, olives, dried fruits, nuts, seeds and flapjacks, and you can personalize your account choosing if you want to try something, bin it to never receive it or love it so you receive it often. There is also the option on a lot of choices to check a 'send me soon' box.

This is what I received in my first box: Natural Vanilla Seeds (sunflower & pumpkin seeds flavoured with vanilla), Super Berry Detox (blueberries, cranberries, green rasins & goji berries), Ellie's Apple Crumble (dried apple, cinnamon honey coated almonds & sultanas), Milkshake Mix (banana coins, dried strawberries & white chocolate disks).

I was not really a fan of the seeds, but they were okay and one of my friends polished them off very quickly so it might have just been that seeds are not to my taste! The super berry detox was really good, but it was my first time trying goji berries and I think they taste a bit like cardboard. The apple crumble mix was absolutely incredible, the apple was so tasty and the cinnamon honey coated almonds are some of the best healthy natural snacks I've ever tasted! The milkshake mix took a bit of warming into, but by the end of it I decided that I'd really want to get it in a box again!

If you want to sign up, (or just try a box for free!) use my code to get your first box free (there is actually no obligation to continue receiving boxes after your first one), then your next box half price click here! (or use the code V99NB533)

Monday, 21 February 2011

Maroon 5 at The O2 Academy, Brixton

Over the last five years I've been a slave to my one true love and one true obsession: the music of Maroon 5. On Thursday night I got the chance to see them perform live at the O2 Academy, Brixton (London) and it was a dream come true.

At this point I must take a moment to thank my dear friend Sherin, for a) making going to the gig possible by letting em stay with her in London, and b) for agreeing to queue up with me outside the venue in the freezing cold for two and a half hours and c) for being an O2 customer meaning we got to stand in the O2 priority queue, meaning that when we finally made it into the venue we were right at the front and there were only two people in between me and the stage! 

My only complaint about the venue, as that they took away any camera that they deemed to be of professional quality. That meant I was out then! Luckily Sherin's camera made it through for me to shoot with, but this made me very, very mad until Maroon 5 actually started playing and I just did not care anymore! 

Before Maroon 5 came on however, we were treated to an incredible supporting act in the form of the exceptionally talented Sara Barellies. All the photos I took of Sara are still on Sherin's computer, so hopefully there will be a few in her post from the gig, but what I can tell you is that the songs she played from her new album: Kaleidoscope Heart were brilliant, she played Love Song which is one of the most listened to tracks on my iPod and that her cover of Cee Lo Green's Fuck You was absolutely genius! She also covered Yellow by Coldplay which had the thousands of people in the hall held absolutely spellbound. 

Maroon 5 played all of the songs I have ever wanted to hear them play live (well, except for Sweetest Goodbye, but we can't have everything in life!): Misery, If I Never See Your Face Again, Harder To Breathe, Give A Little More, The Sun, Never Gonna Leave This Bed, Secret, She Will Be Loved, Wake Up Call, Stutter, Hands All Over, This Love, Makes Me Wonder & Sunday Morning. 

I already knew that the tracks from Songs About Jane, their first album were incredible live, as were the songs they played off of their second offering, It Won't Be Soon Before Long as I have all their live albums and loads of recordings of club gigs they've played on my iPod, but I was blown away by how good Misery, Give A Little More (my favourite Maroon 5 song of the moment), Stutter, Hands All Over and Never Gonna Leave This Bed sounded live. Stutter had the entire 5,000 strong crowd packed into the relatively small venue singing back at the band and Hands All Over gave me chills to even listen to. However, one of the best tracks from the night has to be She Will Be Loved for both the way frontman Adam Levine (who features in all of these photos) managed to harmonized the whole crowd into singing along in different parts, and just for the fact the song made me cry.  

The way the band handled their instruments was incredible. My focus was really drawn by Adam and the lead guitarist James Valentine; I knew they were both world class guitarists but this was to such a standard it was incredible to watch. Jesse Carmichael's keyboard and guitar performances were also great, as was Matt Flynn on the drums and Mickey Madden on bass was absolutely sublime. 

The more memorable (and true rockstar) moments of the gig include Adam Levine chucking over $3,000 worth of his pretty gold custom made First Act guitar (yes I am a fan to know that!) across the stage and the stage hand successfully catching it, Adam Levine grabbing a hefty video camera and making a film while on stage, and during She Will Be Loved plucking a girls iPhone out of the audience to ring her boyfriend to tell him she loved him, on stage and on speakerphone.

To sum up, next time they play in London again I will be first in line to buy my ticket for every gig they're treating us to in the city! There are many more photos, which I will link to next month, as I have exceeded my upload limit on Flickr at the moment! 

Saturday, 19 February 2011

London, February 2011

On Thursday night I achieved one of my life goals of going to see Maroon 5, my favourite band in concert with Sherin, but I've decided that the photos from that deserve a whole post in themselves! So, apart from a quick apology for not updating in almost a week (I've been spending time with friends as well as running around London!) I thought I'd share some of the photos with you from my lunch with Sherin, Susie and Amy, and Amy and I's shopping excursion around central London afterwards!

We went to Guerilla Burgers, one of my favourite London restaurants. I had a plain Turkey burger and a Corona beer (my favourite!)

But, my favourite thing about the restaurant are the absolutely incredible cajun sweet potato fries - they taste so good!

I had fun taking photos of the girls - I love this photo I took of Sherin!

I don't really eat dairy, but everyone always tells me the milkshakes there are incredible, so I recommended them to Amy. She said her chocolate one tasted fantastic and was full of little bits of chocolate.

Also, I really could not get over how photogenic Susie is, she looked great in absolutely every photo I took of her!

I really, really loved her beetle pendant that she got from Sea of Shoes's Bettle Mania. I like things with bugs on!

Amy had brought loads of business cards for British Style Bloggers with her, but I really, really loved the handmade business cars she had made for her personal blog, Confessions Of A Fashion Editor - she said that they had taken her hours!

After lunch Sherin and Susie headed off to the runway shows they had in the afternoon, and Amy and I decided to have a wonder around Carnaby Street.

Amy absolutely loved Irregular Choice - I thought the shoes were beautiful and bizzarre, but I would never actually wear most of them myself - Amy totally would though, they suit her personality!

These black and gold shoes were the only ones in the store that I'd actually wear!

I absolutely loved this window display in the Diesel store!

Amy was shocked how much I gravitated towards the Lomography store; I shop for all the things for my Diana online so to see the actual store was fantastic, especially the chance to fiddle around with their 360 film cameras! I spent ages in there explaining to her how they were all made out of plastic and what effects they created!

I really loved their photo wall showing off all their different film effects - it covered almost the entire wall!

Lots of bloggers at the moment are talking about the Dahlia store so I was excited to go in and try on a few things. I tried on some beautiful dresses that looked great on me, but there was not one that I fell absolutely in love with.

We had fun in the Apple store playing around with what our websites looked like on the iPads. I wish I could have one but I really can't justify why I'd need one!

We both absolutely loved the ballerina display in United Colours of Benetton by Oxford Circus!

I was alos big on the book displays they had in the flagship Topshop store for their new makeup collection.

The cosmetics hall of Selfridges was full of Wonder Woman costume clad models promoting the new MAC Wonder Woman collection, and they had set up an extra pop up show area next to the O.P.I nail salon between the makeup and the high street collections. This giant Wonder Woman cut out was suspended down the big main escalator.

I was totally in love when I checked out the new Shoe Lounges upstairs, mainly because of the vast array of Kurt Geiger shoes that there were on offer for me to try on! I tried on a really nice pair of white summer heels that were so comfortable!

Also, Amy and I decided to gratify the political geek side of ourselves by taking a wonder over to Westminster for a stroll up Whitehall and for a wonder around St James Park, which is truly beautiful this time of year with all the blossom starting to bloom: truly my favourite London park!

What did you do last time you were in London?

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Professional Tweeting

Recently, I've been taking a look at who exactly is following me on Twitter, and who is receiving my updates. Now, I don't really want to make my Twitter private because I want for you all to be able to follow me if you want to, but, going back and reading some of my past Tweets it has really made me sit back and think about what exactly I put on Twitter...

Some of you may notice that a couple of thousand of my Tweets have vanished. I went through and deleted all my pointless tweets or conversations I'd had with people, spamming up the feed of everyone else who follows me on Twitter. I lost thousands of Tweets, and I now conduct Twitter conversations with my friends via direct message.

I now Tweet much less, and my tweets, I think now mean a bit more, even if some of of them are still just little notes on my day or what I have been getting up to. I was interested in your thoughts on my new Twitter regime - and I want to hear about yours - do you think twice before Tweeting something to your followers? (Incidentally you can find me on Twitter at @makingmewonder!)

Friday, 11 February 2011

Weekly Love - Week 57

+ A bit rundown and my eyes have gone all red and puffy - which means no photo booth portrait for you this week! Instead you can have a quote from one of my favourite poets, Philip Larkin. He sums up my personal literary style perfectly in something he wrote in a letter one day...  (Unfortunalty, not feeling great also means that this will be quite a short Weekly Love...)

+ My first Graze Box arrives today - I'm so excited, it will be there when I arrive at my parents house tonight! I wonder what I'll get?

+ MJ's marble nail tutorial - an absolutely inspired idea!

+ So far I have paired 10 bloggers together with an international blogger pen pal on my blogger pen pal exchange - so happy! Also over the moon that Angie is my new pen pal!

+ Meeting up for a lovely coffee date with my friend Victoria whom I have not had a catch up with for ages! She also gave me a years worth of old Vogues!

Lauren Moffatt's new lookbook - I want so much from it!

+ Chocolate and Banana Toasted Sandwiches.

+ Nicolette has put together one of the best fashion week survival posts I've ever seen! 

+ I gave in I got Tumblr.

+ Matia talks about juggling blogging with your spare time.

+ Live streaming the second half of the Independent Fashion Bloggers conference at Milk Studios at New York Fashion Week.

+ An old article, but I love PR Couture's piece on how its always the same old bloggers getting involved in brand collaborations.

+ Chocolate, lemon & pink marshmallow cupcakes from the Primrose Bakery.

+ Now, thought loads of bloggers are doing it now I want to put a 'three to follow' list of bloggers at the end of each of my Weekly Loves, the original idea (I think) must be credited to the fantastic Lily Melrose of LLYMLRS for her 'five to follow'. So, credit where credit is due, here goes! Three to follow: Gem, Amy & Lauren!

What have you all been enjoying this week?

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Product Review: Lush Hair Care

The latest package I have received from the lovely ladies in the Lush Press office contained three hair products for me to try on my sometimes unruly tresses. Gina asked me what hair type I have, so when I told her that I have long, thick brown hair (never been dyed) that usually does best with products that are marked up as moisturizing my hair, this is what she sent me! 

(Jasmin and Henna Fluff-Ease Hair Treatment, Rehab Shampoo, American Cream Conditioner)

After a bit of consideration I decided to try all three products together to try out the overall effect, and then to use each product separately over three different days to see how each one performs on its own. 

First up is the tub of Jasmin & Henna Fluff-Ease. I'm big on my jasmine tea, so it smells absolutely divine, and as it is to ease fluff, something I suffer quite badly from, I got very excited as I unwrapped this! On my hair it smelt absolutely incredible, and once the 20 mins was up (okay, I stretched it to 30!) My hair felt so creamy and soft and conditioned when I washed it off, and when I got back to my room from the shower it still smelt of the stuff, and my hair smelt incredibly of it until I washed it again.

I did not see much of an effect when I used all the products together, but then again I'm convinced that the shampoo revered all the effects of the mask. When I used the mask together with my usual shampoo and conditioner (Herbal Essences Hello Hydration) I fell totally in love - it really did make my hair appear shinier and healthier. It's £10.90 a pot, and if you have medium length hair you'll get about 3 treatments out of it. 

Also, a little recycling label on the tub let me know that if I bring 5 clean Lush pots into one of their stores I'll receive a free Fresh Face Mask - I think at the rate I've been falling back in love with Lush products over the last few weeks this will come in very handy for me! 

Next up is the 'Rehab' shampoo. I don't think I need to mention by now that Lush products smell absolutely amazing! There must be some mint and some tea tree oil in there somewhere - the smell of it reminds me of this spray my Mum used to put in my hair to repel nits but I actually liked to wear anyway because it smelt divine and made my hair nice and soft and shiny!

I was surprised at how thin it was when it came out of the bottle, and surprised again at how well it lathered up and by the incredible minty smell I was hit with! However, once I washed it out om my hair it was left with that over squeaky clean feeling I get when I wash my hair with shower gel rather than shampoo. Even after using the 'American Cream' conditioner, twice I still could not shake the feeling and I was worried that my hair would break when I brushed it out (though that fear turned out to be irrational). As I have already mentioned I'm pretty sure it is responsible for undoing the effects of the hair mask, and for leaving my hair really really fluffy after drying (though very soft). I decided to forgo giving it another go, as I did with the mask and the conditioner (but, I have heard it works much better if you use it with Lush's 'Retread' conditioner. However, as I loved the 'American Cream' conditioner I was sent so much I think I might give a different Lush shampoo a go. If you want to try 'Rehab' anyway, a 100g bottle will set you back £4.75, a 250g bottle will set you back £9.45 and a big 500g bottle will cost you £15.25!

Finally we come to the 'American Cream' vanilla conditioner. The consistency surprised me because it did not have that oily feel of most conditioners, but I loved the vanilla smell. When I used all the products together I absolutely loved how shiny it made my hair and how great it smelt the whole of the next day, and when I used the conditioner together with my usual shampoo I absolutely fell in love with the shiny glossy finish it gave my hair - I really must stock up on this stuff!

My overall verdict? I really did not get on with the shampoo, but I still want to try another Lush shampoo after such a great experience with the conditioner. As far as the Jasmin & Henna hair treatment is concerned - I'm going to stock up next time I hit a Lush store! A 100g bottle costs £3.99, and 250g bottle £7.99 and a 500g bottle will cost you £12.99.

Since I've been reviewing quite a few products from Lush recently (and as part of their entires in my Lush bath box giveaway) people have been letting me know about some of their favourite Lush products. Also, since I'm in London next week and heading over to Carnaby street for a bit of shopping with the girls, Sherin has suggested that we head over to Lush to stock up. I don't use Lush products on a daily basis because it's not practical; I don't have a store near me, but as (unless I screw up my exams, always a possibility!) I'm moving to London in September that will no longer be a problem! After restocking on 'Lemony Flutter' Cuticle Butter, everyone keeps on telling me to try 'Dream Cream' and 'Sweet Lips' lip scrub. I saw a pot of the scrub in my friend Alex's room the other day and felt quite jealous. She also had a pot of 'Turkish Delight' which is a shower cream; I think I might just buy myself some of that too rose product die hard that I am! 

Monday, 7 February 2011

Hair Lust: Ombre (But With A Twist)

I have wanted to dye my hair red for absolutely eons. It runs in the family but I always think I got the short straw because though in direct sunlight my hair turns a gorgeous shade of red, the rest of the time it's a pretty mousey brown.
Lily Cole, Bekah Dale, Marcia Cross

It is an ongoing thought in my mind what sort of shade of red I want to go. I really love bright red hair like Lily Cole and Marcia Cross, and I know it would suit me but as my hair is totally natural, and I have never ever dyed it before I want a slightly more natural shade. Recently I've fallen head over heels with the colour of style blogger Bekah Dale's hair, in the middle of the two photos of Lily and Marcia. 

The only reason, I think, I have not already changed my hair colour is because I don't want to have to aways deal with toughing up my roots. Recently, I've noticed a rising trend among both fashion bloggers (who I pay attention to) and celebrities (whom unless they appear in NYLON magazine or are in one of my favourite TV shows I roundly ignore) of having ombre hair; your natural or previous hair colour roots with dipped bleach bottoms. 
Lily Melrose, Shanae Grimes, Lily Aldridge

However, as much as I Google everyone I have found who has ombre hair has done the trend by lightening it to blond at the bottom. I want to use the style to keep my hair natural at the roots and streak my sunlight colour towards the bottom. Have the hair colour I want but keep my natural hair at the roots. I'm going to get it down on Tuesday, but does anyone think it might actually work, red bottoms rather than bleached blond? If I could get away with sneaking some deeper and darker redder tones in there too I think, if possible it would be the perfect style for me! 

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Weekly Love - Week 56

(No, I don't look great do I... photo booth shot taken between English class on a Saturday morning (!) and fashion show rehearsals!)

+ A lovely meal at Pizza Express this week  with Eileen - the most amazing lemon ice cream! 

+ Heading over to see Ella and her store Belle Vintage at the Courtyard Bazaar on Saturday! 

+ I've been really appreciating The Pretty Reckless' album 'Light Me Up' this week - every track is fantastic!

+ Evanna Lynch in October's NYLON magazine, on Vladimir Nabokov's novel Lolita - 'she read it after "becoming annoyed byt fashion magazines where they're like, 'Channel your inner Lolita.' I was like, 'Has anyone actually read this book?'"

+ Over at Judging Covers we're giving away a beautiful necklace from Penny Masquerade... 

+ Going vintage book shopping - as a result I've just added the most beautiful 1870 copy of the poetical works of Henry W. Longfellow to Pilgrims Proverb - and it even has newspaper cuttings with poems from the poet another reader has added, and the most beautiful dedication inside the cover!

+ Remy Ryan starts in a totally beautiful photo shoot... 

+ Listening to The Kinks.

+ You can now get badges for my blog on the 'About Me' page to put in your sidebar!

+ Zipping models into genuine Giles Decon runway dresses for our show tonight - they are absolutely breathaking!

+ However stupid I think this Youtube video is, I just can't stop watching it!

+ Maroon 5's new video for 'Never Gonna Leave This Bed' has one of the most imaginative concepts I've ever seen. Even if you don't like their music I urge you to watch it! Something like this could only have been filmed in LA...

+ Finding out that Jack Wills is opening on Canterbury High Street (just along from where Cath Kidston is opening soon too!) You can tell I was excited by the fact I took a photo of the shop front on my Blackberry...

+ Faye has written a brilliant piece on how to get a good nights sleep.

Pilgrims Proverb making its very first sale - SO exciting! 

+ If you ever played/ traded/ watched Pokemon as a kid you will fully appreciate the epic brilliance of the dress this fashion blogger has made. She has made a Snorlax dress. She is amazing.

What have you all been enjoying this week?

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Product Review: Lush It's Raining Men Shower Gel

Another product the lovely ladies at Lush have recently sent me to review from their Valentines collection is their new shower gel, 'It's Raining Men' which I got super excited about because it is made with the same honey scent as my favourite Lush soap 'Honey I Washed The Kids'.

Typical of most Lush products it smelled absolutely fantastic, (between when it arrived and when I tried it out it lived on my desk, and every few hours I could not help but to unscrew the cap for a sniff!) and is nice and thick, sweet and moisturizing. Really, I did not find the experience of washing with it much different to that of using the soap, but the way it froths makes it just that little bit more luxurious.

Once my skin was dry it smelt slightly of soap and slightly of honey; nice pleasant and not too strong. 

Though it says on the bottle that it's a shower gel for your hair too, I'm usually really fussy about what I put on my hair so I was not planning on trying out the gel as a shampoo, but when I got the shower I had a little bit of conditioner left, but no shampoo. In the end, I was pleasantly surprised; it  lathered up well and smelt amazing as I was washing my hair. My hair was slightly fluffy the next day, but I have a theory that it could have also been something to do with not drying it properly! I think I really ought to test this, so I'm now really curious to try out Lush shampoos and conditioners - I think I might just have to either pick some up when I go to London or order some online when their website comes back up! 

The only downside I could find to this product is I'm pretty sure that I'm allergic to it. I've been okay with all the other Lush products I've used, and I won't stop trying new ones - I just think it is one of those things, seeing as I'm okay with the soap with similar ingredients. I have stupidly sensitive skin (even hypoallergenic things I sometimes don't get on with, such as Benefit's new pore minimiser), and consulting my Grandpa who is a chemist and used to make makeup and cosmetics he told me that some of the ingredients have a similar makeup to naturally occurring stuff I'm allergic to if I eat them, so its not surprising I have the same type of rash as I get from a food allergy! (Really confused me at first, I thought I'd eaten something instead of touched something!) 

You can grab yourself a bottle at wither 34.25 for 110g, £7.95 for 260g or £14.25 for 510g - trust me, it will be worth it!