Monday, 7 February 2011

Hair Lust: Ombre (But With A Twist)

I have wanted to dye my hair red for absolutely eons. It runs in the family but I always think I got the short straw because though in direct sunlight my hair turns a gorgeous shade of red, the rest of the time it's a pretty mousey brown.
Lily Cole, Bekah Dale, Marcia Cross

It is an ongoing thought in my mind what sort of shade of red I want to go. I really love bright red hair like Lily Cole and Marcia Cross, and I know it would suit me but as my hair is totally natural, and I have never ever dyed it before I want a slightly more natural shade. Recently I've fallen head over heels with the colour of style blogger Bekah Dale's hair, in the middle of the two photos of Lily and Marcia. 

The only reason, I think, I have not already changed my hair colour is because I don't want to have to aways deal with toughing up my roots. Recently, I've noticed a rising trend among both fashion bloggers (who I pay attention to) and celebrities (whom unless they appear in NYLON magazine or are in one of my favourite TV shows I roundly ignore) of having ombre hair; your natural or previous hair colour roots with dipped bleach bottoms. 
Lily Melrose, Shanae Grimes, Lily Aldridge

However, as much as I Google everyone I have found who has ombre hair has done the trend by lightening it to blond at the bottom. I want to use the style to keep my hair natural at the roots and streak my sunlight colour towards the bottom. Have the hair colour I want but keep my natural hair at the roots. I'm going to get it down on Tuesday, but does anyone think it might actually work, red bottoms rather than bleached blond? If I could get away with sneaking some deeper and darker redder tones in there too I think, if possible it would be the perfect style for me! 


  1. I think it would work, Rachel! Can't wait to see what it looks like when it's done.


  2. I was thinking of doing my ends red too! Originally I wanted to dye all my hair scarlet/cheery red but then everyone seemed to be doing it. I also don't fancy bleaching my hair because I'll probably ruin it so I thought this might be the route to go down!
    I look forward to seeing it :)

  3. love ombre styles, so excited to see howit turns out! :)

  4. It sounds absolutely lovely, I can't wait to see it! x

  5. the passionately idea to change my hair into ones like those above were in my head for months & finally I did it :) so I'm Redhead & if you know my opinion it looks great and looks so natural as well :D So go Girl & do it ! you will not regret it, hah !


  6. I've been thinking of getting ombre hair but I think I'm going to let it grow and try to get it really healthy then do it in the summer. I figure if it's a little more healthy when I bleach the ends they won't look quite as fried haha

    I'm kinda worried though cause i've never dyed my hair before "/

  7. I tihnk it would look great, I lvoe the ombre look and I can't wait tob see your twist on it!

  8. Great hair inspo! Love ombre!

    The Flower Girl


  9. My hair is kinda like that, it was supposed to be all red (i mean bright, crazy coilour flame red) but for some reason its taken red at the tips and stayed natural at the roots and gives a really funky two-tone effect that my hairdressers says she couldnt recreate if she tried.
    I recon it would look great!

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