Saturday, 19 February 2011

London, February 2011

On Thursday night I achieved one of my life goals of going to see Maroon 5, my favourite band in concert with Sherin, but I've decided that the photos from that deserve a whole post in themselves! So, apart from a quick apology for not updating in almost a week (I've been spending time with friends as well as running around London!) I thought I'd share some of the photos with you from my lunch with Sherin, Susie and Amy, and Amy and I's shopping excursion around central London afterwards!

We went to Guerilla Burgers, one of my favourite London restaurants. I had a plain Turkey burger and a Corona beer (my favourite!)

But, my favourite thing about the restaurant are the absolutely incredible cajun sweet potato fries - they taste so good!

I had fun taking photos of the girls - I love this photo I took of Sherin!

I don't really eat dairy, but everyone always tells me the milkshakes there are incredible, so I recommended them to Amy. She said her chocolate one tasted fantastic and was full of little bits of chocolate.

Also, I really could not get over how photogenic Susie is, she looked great in absolutely every photo I took of her!

I really, really loved her beetle pendant that she got from Sea of Shoes's Bettle Mania. I like things with bugs on!

Amy had brought loads of business cards for British Style Bloggers with her, but I really, really loved the handmade business cars she had made for her personal blog, Confessions Of A Fashion Editor - she said that they had taken her hours!

After lunch Sherin and Susie headed off to the runway shows they had in the afternoon, and Amy and I decided to have a wonder around Carnaby Street.

Amy absolutely loved Irregular Choice - I thought the shoes were beautiful and bizzarre, but I would never actually wear most of them myself - Amy totally would though, they suit her personality!

These black and gold shoes were the only ones in the store that I'd actually wear!

I absolutely loved this window display in the Diesel store!

Amy was shocked how much I gravitated towards the Lomography store; I shop for all the things for my Diana online so to see the actual store was fantastic, especially the chance to fiddle around with their 360 film cameras! I spent ages in there explaining to her how they were all made out of plastic and what effects they created!

I really loved their photo wall showing off all their different film effects - it covered almost the entire wall!

Lots of bloggers at the moment are talking about the Dahlia store so I was excited to go in and try on a few things. I tried on some beautiful dresses that looked great on me, but there was not one that I fell absolutely in love with.

We had fun in the Apple store playing around with what our websites looked like on the iPads. I wish I could have one but I really can't justify why I'd need one!

We both absolutely loved the ballerina display in United Colours of Benetton by Oxford Circus!

I was alos big on the book displays they had in the flagship Topshop store for their new makeup collection.

The cosmetics hall of Selfridges was full of Wonder Woman costume clad models promoting the new MAC Wonder Woman collection, and they had set up an extra pop up show area next to the O.P.I nail salon between the makeup and the high street collections. This giant Wonder Woman cut out was suspended down the big main escalator.

I was totally in love when I checked out the new Shoe Lounges upstairs, mainly because of the vast array of Kurt Geiger shoes that there were on offer for me to try on! I tried on a really nice pair of white summer heels that were so comfortable!

Also, Amy and I decided to gratify the political geek side of ourselves by taking a wonder over to Westminster for a stroll up Whitehall and for a wonder around St James Park, which is truly beautiful this time of year with all the blossom starting to bloom: truly my favourite London park!

What did you do last time you were in London?


  1. Wonderful post! Good food, shoes, sightseeing, dresses and make up. What more could a girl ask for?!
    I'm hoping to get to London this week too for a nice day out, look forward to your maroon 5 post x

  2. Looks like you had loads of fun :). Everything looks amazing.
    Last time I went: I did shopping, sigh and having a good time with friends..
    ♥ ♥

  3. Love this post! Seems like you had an amazing time. Amy's handmade cards are gorgeous and I am so jealous of Susie's photogenic-ness, since I am just the opposite!


  4. that burger looks like the yummiest thing ever! xx

  5. Oh man those fries look awesome!! I love carnaby street, was there recently and got very told of for taking photos inside Irregular Choice! Love the lomography shop too.Looks like you has a lot of fun

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  6. I'm about to start as an intern in London tomorrow and these photos have just made me very excited! x

  7. Looks like a lovely day - Suzie is ridiculously beautiful isn't she?!

    Love looking at websites on ipads too, they always look more professional and slick somehow!

  8. Mmm the food looks delicious! Those shoes are so cool too :) xoxo

  9. It was so much fun to hang out and meet up with you, Amy and Susie. I love Irregular Choice: it's full of great shoes!

  10. looks like youve been havin fun x

  11. Great photos! I've noticed the same thing about Susie, my camera loved her!

  12. Aww! I just read some of these super nice comments and they made me blush! You guys are so sweet! I don't think I look good in photographs ever, and when I do, I am convinced credit should always be given to an amazing photographer--definitely Rachel in this case!
    It was so fun hanging out with you Rachel, can't wait until our next (and hopefully longer) adventure! xx

  13. hi Rachel,
    interesting post :)

  14. Such great pictures, what camera do you use? Only been too London three times, last time I went was for an event, love Topshop, but didn't have time to go in all of it. Me and my bf went to Portobello rd last year, I thought it was rubbish. I adore London, but it like way too busy, you have to so be in the mood to go. Gutted you got to see the Dahlia shop, I must go xxx

  15. am going to london next week

  16. I love the winged shoes! And I've never been to London. :)

  17. I work next to a Kurt Geiger shop and every single time I walk past I want to buy everything! Shoe lust.