Monday, 21 February 2011

Maroon 5 at The O2 Academy, Brixton

Over the last five years I've been a slave to my one true love and one true obsession: the music of Maroon 5. On Thursday night I got the chance to see them perform live at the O2 Academy, Brixton (London) and it was a dream come true.

At this point I must take a moment to thank my dear friend Sherin, for a) making going to the gig possible by letting em stay with her in London, and b) for agreeing to queue up with me outside the venue in the freezing cold for two and a half hours and c) for being an O2 customer meaning we got to stand in the O2 priority queue, meaning that when we finally made it into the venue we were right at the front and there were only two people in between me and the stage! 

My only complaint about the venue, as that they took away any camera that they deemed to be of professional quality. That meant I was out then! Luckily Sherin's camera made it through for me to shoot with, but this made me very, very mad until Maroon 5 actually started playing and I just did not care anymore! 

Before Maroon 5 came on however, we were treated to an incredible supporting act in the form of the exceptionally talented Sara Barellies. All the photos I took of Sara are still on Sherin's computer, so hopefully there will be a few in her post from the gig, but what I can tell you is that the songs she played from her new album: Kaleidoscope Heart were brilliant, she played Love Song which is one of the most listened to tracks on my iPod and that her cover of Cee Lo Green's Fuck You was absolutely genius! She also covered Yellow by Coldplay which had the thousands of people in the hall held absolutely spellbound. 

Maroon 5 played all of the songs I have ever wanted to hear them play live (well, except for Sweetest Goodbye, but we can't have everything in life!): Misery, If I Never See Your Face Again, Harder To Breathe, Give A Little More, The Sun, Never Gonna Leave This Bed, Secret, She Will Be Loved, Wake Up Call, Stutter, Hands All Over, This Love, Makes Me Wonder & Sunday Morning. 

I already knew that the tracks from Songs About Jane, their first album were incredible live, as were the songs they played off of their second offering, It Won't Be Soon Before Long as I have all their live albums and loads of recordings of club gigs they've played on my iPod, but I was blown away by how good Misery, Give A Little More (my favourite Maroon 5 song of the moment), Stutter, Hands All Over and Never Gonna Leave This Bed sounded live. Stutter had the entire 5,000 strong crowd packed into the relatively small venue singing back at the band and Hands All Over gave me chills to even listen to. However, one of the best tracks from the night has to be She Will Be Loved for both the way frontman Adam Levine (who features in all of these photos) managed to harmonized the whole crowd into singing along in different parts, and just for the fact the song made me cry.  

The way the band handled their instruments was incredible. My focus was really drawn by Adam and the lead guitarist James Valentine; I knew they were both world class guitarists but this was to such a standard it was incredible to watch. Jesse Carmichael's keyboard and guitar performances were also great, as was Matt Flynn on the drums and Mickey Madden on bass was absolutely sublime. 

The more memorable (and true rockstar) moments of the gig include Adam Levine chucking over $3,000 worth of his pretty gold custom made First Act guitar (yes I am a fan to know that!) across the stage and the stage hand successfully catching it, Adam Levine grabbing a hefty video camera and making a film while on stage, and during She Will Be Loved plucking a girls iPhone out of the audience to ring her boyfriend to tell him she loved him, on stage and on speakerphone.

To sum up, next time they play in London again I will be first in line to buy my ticket for every gig they're treating us to in the city! There are many more photos, which I will link to next month, as I have exceeded my upload limit on Flickr at the moment! 


  1. Amazing photos! So jealous of you.. all sounds amazing. Would have lovveeed to see them live! xx

  2. This looks amazing, I love Maroon 5 and Sara Berellies! I'm jealous, hehe.


  3. Yup!! It was so much fun!! I still can't believe how amazing live they were. Truly spectacular. I had a fantastic time.

    I've written my post, not I just have to find time to slot it in after all my Fashion Week Posts.

  4. love photos)
    i m gonna go to their conzert in Moscow, in the end o March) xoxo

    i started to follow you
    it will be great if you follow me TOO

    much love

  5. Wow, those photographs are amazing! Sherin told me how they took away all the good cameras - that is so stupid, I really don't see why.

  6. Aw, amazing! :) Both Maroon 5 and Sherin, isn't she just the best? :) I love when the bands act all rockstar while on stage :) It makes it feel like a real thing, like you're really seeing them live, not just listening to them at home! :)

  7. ohhh he is such a beaut of a man !

  8. These photos are incredible, Rach! Adam looks HOT! Swoon.

  9. OH gosh this sounds like an AMAZING experience!! Adam levvinnneee <3

  10. Great photos! It really must been an amazing show!

  11. I am beyond jealous! I LOVE Maroon 5! Couldn't afford to go when the tickets first went on sale and by the time I could it was sold out :( xx

  12. I was there too ... fabulous night

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