Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Product Review: Lush Hair Care

The latest package I have received from the lovely ladies in the Lush Press office contained three hair products for me to try on my sometimes unruly tresses. Gina asked me what hair type I have, so when I told her that I have long, thick brown hair (never been dyed) that usually does best with products that are marked up as moisturizing my hair, this is what she sent me! 

(Jasmin and Henna Fluff-Ease Hair Treatment, Rehab Shampoo, American Cream Conditioner)

After a bit of consideration I decided to try all three products together to try out the overall effect, and then to use each product separately over three different days to see how each one performs on its own. 

First up is the tub of Jasmin & Henna Fluff-Ease. I'm big on my jasmine tea, so it smells absolutely divine, and as it is to ease fluff, something I suffer quite badly from, I got very excited as I unwrapped this! On my hair it smelt absolutely incredible, and once the 20 mins was up (okay, I stretched it to 30!) My hair felt so creamy and soft and conditioned when I washed it off, and when I got back to my room from the shower it still smelt of the stuff, and my hair smelt incredibly of it until I washed it again.

I did not see much of an effect when I used all the products together, but then again I'm convinced that the shampoo revered all the effects of the mask. When I used the mask together with my usual shampoo and conditioner (Herbal Essences Hello Hydration) I fell totally in love - it really did make my hair appear shinier and healthier. It's £10.90 a pot, and if you have medium length hair you'll get about 3 treatments out of it. 

Also, a little recycling label on the tub let me know that if I bring 5 clean Lush pots into one of their stores I'll receive a free Fresh Face Mask - I think at the rate I've been falling back in love with Lush products over the last few weeks this will come in very handy for me! 

Next up is the 'Rehab' shampoo. I don't think I need to mention by now that Lush products smell absolutely amazing! There must be some mint and some tea tree oil in there somewhere - the smell of it reminds me of this spray my Mum used to put in my hair to repel nits but I actually liked to wear anyway because it smelt divine and made my hair nice and soft and shiny!

I was surprised at how thin it was when it came out of the bottle, and surprised again at how well it lathered up and by the incredible minty smell I was hit with! However, once I washed it out om my hair it was left with that over squeaky clean feeling I get when I wash my hair with shower gel rather than shampoo. Even after using the 'American Cream' conditioner, twice I still could not shake the feeling and I was worried that my hair would break when I brushed it out (though that fear turned out to be irrational). As I have already mentioned I'm pretty sure it is responsible for undoing the effects of the hair mask, and for leaving my hair really really fluffy after drying (though very soft). I decided to forgo giving it another go, as I did with the mask and the conditioner (but, I have heard it works much better if you use it with Lush's 'Retread' conditioner. However, as I loved the 'American Cream' conditioner I was sent so much I think I might give a different Lush shampoo a go. If you want to try 'Rehab' anyway, a 100g bottle will set you back £4.75, a 250g bottle will set you back £9.45 and a big 500g bottle will cost you £15.25!

Finally we come to the 'American Cream' vanilla conditioner. The consistency surprised me because it did not have that oily feel of most conditioners, but I loved the vanilla smell. When I used all the products together I absolutely loved how shiny it made my hair and how great it smelt the whole of the next day, and when I used the conditioner together with my usual shampoo I absolutely fell in love with the shiny glossy finish it gave my hair - I really must stock up on this stuff!

My overall verdict? I really did not get on with the shampoo, but I still want to try another Lush shampoo after such a great experience with the conditioner. As far as the Jasmin & Henna hair treatment is concerned - I'm going to stock up next time I hit a Lush store! A 100g bottle costs £3.99, and 250g bottle £7.99 and a 500g bottle will cost you £12.99.

Since I've been reviewing quite a few products from Lush recently (and as part of their entires in my Lush bath box giveaway) people have been letting me know about some of their favourite Lush products. Also, since I'm in London next week and heading over to Carnaby street for a bit of shopping with the girls, Sherin has suggested that we head over to Lush to stock up. I don't use Lush products on a daily basis because it's not practical; I don't have a store near me, but as (unless I screw up my exams, always a possibility!) I'm moving to London in September that will no longer be a problem! After restocking on 'Lemony Flutter' Cuticle Butter, everyone keeps on telling me to try 'Dream Cream' and 'Sweet Lips' lip scrub. I saw a pot of the scrub in my friend Alex's room the other day and felt quite jealous. She also had a pot of 'Turkish Delight' which is a shower cream; I think I might just buy myself some of that too rose product die hard that I am! 


  1. OMG, I envy you so much I'd like Lush to send me products ahah. I never used Jasmin but a friend of mine did and after reading your review I might give it a try.

    Have a nice day dear Rachel :)

  2. How do you find Lush products from the allergy point of view? I've always been a little wary of trying them because of that. And ooh, London, which uni?

  3. @ Catlin - When I reviewed Lush's 'It's Raining Men' Showegel I found I had an allergic reaction, but it was the type of rash I get for a food allergy, not a skin allergy because I was specially personally allergic to one of the ingredients, but absolutely everything else I have tried from Lush has been great for my very sensitive skin!

    And Queen Mary!

  4. My bathroom is a shrine to Lush! :P I love the Jasmine & Henna stuff. Sometimes I put it on my hair overnight as a deep conditioning treatment, and my hair is soft and smells amazing all week! Also, American Cream is in my constant conditioner rotation. :)


    1. After applying henna do please wear a plastic cap coz as the henna dries on the hair it that is the hair starts pulling which leads to hair breakage and subsequent hair loss. I heard this from a beautician on tv. After I followed her advice my hair started falling negligibly.

  5. The fluff ease sounds really good. I definitely need to try it.

    Yay, so excited for you to come to London. Stocking up on Lush products is a must-do! Can't wait.

  6. oooh, i love lush products! they smell so good (: x

  7. I actually haven't tried a Lush product yet - but there's a store close by so I might have a look inside. The conditioner sounds like it might be worth investigating!

  8. I love lush products! :)

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