Saturday, 5 February 2011

Weekly Love - Week 56

(No, I don't look great do I... photo booth shot taken between English class on a Saturday morning (!) and fashion show rehearsals!)

+ A lovely meal at Pizza Express this week  with Eileen - the most amazing lemon ice cream! 

+ Heading over to see Ella and her store Belle Vintage at the Courtyard Bazaar on Saturday! 

+ I've been really appreciating The Pretty Reckless' album 'Light Me Up' this week - every track is fantastic!

+ Evanna Lynch in October's NYLON magazine, on Vladimir Nabokov's novel Lolita - 'she read it after "becoming annoyed byt fashion magazines where they're like, 'Channel your inner Lolita.' I was like, 'Has anyone actually read this book?'"

+ Over at Judging Covers we're giving away a beautiful necklace from Penny Masquerade... 

+ Going vintage book shopping - as a result I've just added the most beautiful 1870 copy of the poetical works of Henry W. Longfellow to Pilgrims Proverb - and it even has newspaper cuttings with poems from the poet another reader has added, and the most beautiful dedication inside the cover!

+ Remy Ryan starts in a totally beautiful photo shoot... 

+ Listening to The Kinks.

+ You can now get badges for my blog on the 'About Me' page to put in your sidebar!

+ Zipping models into genuine Giles Decon runway dresses for our show tonight - they are absolutely breathaking!

+ However stupid I think this Youtube video is, I just can't stop watching it!

+ Maroon 5's new video for 'Never Gonna Leave This Bed' has one of the most imaginative concepts I've ever seen. Even if you don't like their music I urge you to watch it! Something like this could only have been filmed in LA...

+ Finding out that Jack Wills is opening on Canterbury High Street (just along from where Cath Kidston is opening soon too!) You can tell I was excited by the fact I took a photo of the shop front on my Blackberry...

+ Faye has written a brilliant piece on how to get a good nights sleep.

Pilgrims Proverb making its very first sale - SO exciting! 

+ If you ever played/ traded/ watched Pokemon as a kid you will fully appreciate the epic brilliance of the dress this fashion blogger has made. She has made a Snorlax dress. She is amazing.

What have you all been enjoying this week?


  1. you got your first sale yayyyy! your week sounds busy as usual, thank you again for popping to see me. coffee soon? xx

  2. Dude it sounds like you have been having a seriously busy week! Hope the fashion show went well :) Your badge is officially up on my blog woooo xxxx

  3. Lovely post, sounds like you've had an amazing week! My highlights for this week were finishing my art coursework and buying a new coat :) tehe.


  4. I really love these posts you do :) You always put great links in!! Congrats on your sale girlie!! xxx

  5. Love that Remy Ryan photoshoot, so beautiful! xx

  6. Can't wait to check all these out. The Frana Sozzani story is awful. I still can't believe she said all teat about fashion bloggers!!

  7. That LUSH video is the cutest thing ever!! No not Jack Wills, I have so many friends who are Jack Wills clones, don't become one of them lol!!!

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  8. Another great roundup of links - I especially loved the nylon tv video - so interesting seeing the ins and outs of their office!

  9. I hadn't seen this post yet (I save your blog for when I have time to read posts from start to finish) Thanks for sharing my post!