Monday, 14 March 2011

Boutique at Jaeger

As a big fan of N.W.3, the label from Hobbs designed for a slightly younger market, I was really excited to hear about Boutique, the new collection from Jaeger aimed at a slightly younger market than the rest of their collections, and at slightly lower prices too! 

I've wanted a trench coat for ages and this one looks like it might be a slightly more affordable version than getting one from Burberry. I'm also a big fan of boyfriend cardigans.

Though I could tell from the looks on my mothers face when I was shopping with her on Saturday she does not think they suit me, I'm a really big fan of blue and white stripes at the moment, which means I love this Breton tee!

Though I have already bought a pair of shorts this season from N.W.3 I absolutely love these ones - shame I know that if I bought anything in white I'd get them too dirty too quickly! 

What is your favourite piece from the new collection?


  1. That red dress is gorgeous! This reminds me a lot of Zara style. Suppose what the trouble with a defusion line is that pieces such as these are already covered by fast fashion stores - for a cheaper price which younger people can afford. Still lovely to look that! xx

  2. I work at Jaeger and we've had Boutique for a while, I love it all... I agree with Abi though, it's still not cheap enough for the 'target audience'. I think they're relying on people who have their clothes bought for them.

  3. Oooo, amazing collection. I love that Jaeger have this collection! The red dress is definitely my favourite. It's really pretty. Everything defintiely looks really wearable.

  4. I love the Boutique line at Jaegar but they are definitely more investment pieces! I adore the red dress and the Fold Front dress is gorgeous day! :)

    Maria xxx

  5. I NEED that red dress!

  6. Those white shorts are gorgeous!! Still too expensive for me though unfortunately! :(

  7. I was really excited when I heard Jaeger were doing a young line, but I've been a bit disappointed by what they've produced so far. I like these clothes a lot but I kind of want a bit more pizazz for the price.

    I mean, I'm pretty sure I have the exact same longline cardigan for £35 from Topshop!

  8. I agree with harriet, the basic pieces are a bit too standard. BUT the dresses are amazing, the red number is just lovely!

  9. I think the red dress is lovely, as is the cardigan, but I'd like more print! x

  10. Oh golly, you're blog is swell!
    it's so colourful and sweet - like a little frosted cupcake!
    I feel rather inspired from the photos!
    Thanks for sharing!
    ex oh ex oh