Sunday, 20 March 2011

Pilgrims Proverb Now Stocks Jewellery!

So, after lots of planning and designing I'm very happy to announce that Pilgrims Proverb, my online second hand and vintage bookstore now stocks literary inspired jewellery! 

So, without further ado I want to introduce you to our first two products!

First is this Harry Potter inspired star string bracelet which I had such fun designing! The gold leather string wraps twice around your wrist and it is decorated with a smattering of black Swarovski stars. And, of course, it is handmade by me! It is £8 to buy from our online store! 

Our second product are these The Secret Garden (the first book we ever sold in the store!) inspired key pendants. 

They are silver plated and come on a meter long suede string, untied so you can adjust it to any length that suits you! At the moment we are only stocking pale blue and violet suede, but if these prove popular we will expand the range to include lots of other colour combinations, including gold keys too! The pendants are £10 and available from our online store! *edit* But if you want a key with a diffrent colour chord (though I won't be able to do gold plated keys just yet!) drop me an email (rachel[at]rachelphipps[.]com) and I'll see what I can do!

I hope you like the new additions! Also, don't forget to follow Pilgrims Proverb on Twitter for updates on when we add new products to the store! 


  1. That key necklace is gorgeous!
    I would love one but in a either grey suede or brown suede, its a shame that you dont do those colours!!

  2. @ Ifee - I'm thinking of getting those colours soon, but if you email me at rachel[at]rachelphipps[.]com I'll see what I can do about making you up a special one!

  3. what a great idea - i bet this will be very successful! x

  4. Amazing ideas. They look pretty. I'm in love with those necklaces. Hope there'll still be some when I come back from holiday, so I can order 1.

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  6. I love the concept of that string bracelet. Where can I find other designs?

  7. I want to buy a dozen of that star string bracelet that is made of gold leather string. The gold buyers of my store who is a fan of the movie Harry Potter will surely like that bracelet.