Thursday, 24 March 2011

Product Review: Beauty Face Masks

If I am to be completely honest with you, when I first opened up my package from Beauty Face Masks and took a look at the face mask in question, I was absolutely terrified. Honestly, looking at the thing, can you really blame me? 
However, I decided in the spirit of blogging I had to press on and try the thing out, even if I was now unsure a) how I was supposed to breathe while I tried the rubbery mask over my face and b) if it was going to burn my skin off or not, the latter always being a possibility. 
I was sent the 'Collagen Crystal' mask, which as well as claiming to be the 'next generation' of beauty product, tells me that it is 'specially formulated to moisturize, firm up and tone the skin leaving the skin looking smooth and radiant.' It also claims to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and ageing, but though I've had my fair share of ups and downs I don't think the last 18 years have been so tough on me I'd be able to see any noticeable difference anyway, so I'll have to leave that last part to someone else to judge!
I followed the instructions and cleansed my face with warm water, and let the packet rest in warm water for a couple of minutes. When I first opened the packet my first thought was that is smelt really nicely of rose. Then I tried to put it on, but it did not really go very well, because it was too big for me and kept of obstructing my mouth. It tore easily, and while it stuck quite well to my forehead it kept on slipping across the rest of my face. After 5 mins it slipped completely off and would not cling back onto my face.

All that being said, even after using it for five minutes my pores were visibly reduced and my skin felt nice and firm. I did have to use my Clinique moisturizer afterwards as my skin started to feel dry. Apart from this, I think the mask is a good idea that needs a bit more tweaking before it is put on the market. I also think at £9.99, for what it is it will always be overpriced.

Have any of your ever tried one of these face masks?


  1. that face mask does look incredibly intimidating. it sounds like a great idea, i also think the price needs to come down though! xx

  2. Oooh, I've never seen anything like that! I would be scared to try it, too. Maybe next time you'll have to lie down with a book or something to stop it from sliding off.


  3. Hi Rachel, thanks for the feedback.

    Sorry that you had a few issues with the mask, the best way to use the mask is as Leia said to lay down, this should help it cling to your face better and also allow the vitamins to spread over your face more evenly.


    Beauty Face Masks

  4. Wow! That does look kinda crazy! Reminds me of the phantom of the opera...But you are a much prettier version.

  5. That face mask is hilarious! I can't imagine it's really going to attract that many buyers... still if it works..!

  6. hahaa that loks seriously freaky!!
    But at least it does the trick!!

  7. looks sort of creepy, but still, if it works, it's pretty awesome!

  8. haha u look funny ;) seems interesting items!

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