Monday, 28 March 2011

Product Review: Benefit Refined Finish Facial Polish

Ever since I found out that my favourite makeup line, Benefit were launching a new skincare range I have been pathetically excited, and when I passed by my local counter on Thursday afternoon to find they had samples of some of the products there for us to try ahead of the April 1st launch my day was made! I absolutely love the look and feel of this packaging, all the mint green and faux cork caps - they'll look so pretty around my sink!

Knowing how obsessed I am with their products (I visit the counter about 3 times a month) the girls gave me a little sample of their exfoliating face polish, 'Refined Finish Facial Polish' to take home with me and try! 

It left my skin feeling firm and exfoliated, but not painful in a way that I have never experinced with any other exfoliatior before. The beads were smaller and gentler than my Clinique Sparkle Skin exfoliater which is painful, and it was light, creamy and smelt lovely. I absolutely can't wait to get my hands on this product, as well as the rest of the range and I'm pretty sure they will replace Clinique products as my skincare staple. I tried the Total Moisture Face Cream while I was at the counter, and it had such a nice smooth texture, was brightening, moisturizing and smelt really nice and light too! 

Benefit's b.right range will be available her in the UK from April 1st, and is already available in the USA!  Is there anything you're particularly excited to try from the range? 


  1. Ever since my cleanser was discontinued, I've struggled to find products that work as well on my skin - I'll definately be trying this one out!

  2. Oh wow, that packaging is so lovely. Although not what I would have expected from Benefit if I'm totally honest.
    Nice review - will have to check these out! :) x x

  3. Great review, I just adore the new packaging.


  4. I love the knobbly packaging, but am always a little skeptical about Benefit (it could be to do with experiences with overly pushy SA's!)

    The product sounds really nice, so I might try to get some samples too!

  5. im a big fan of benefit so i might try out a few of there. i like the sound of the facial scrub and cream

  6. I use clinique as my skin care products but I might have to look around for this! It's so cute. :)

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  7. damn, why isn't it available in germany?

  8. Great post and thanks for the review!
    Have a nice week! :)