Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Put a spring in your spring! Tell us, how would you lighten up your life? (#AussieLight)

I've always been ever so slightly envious of the bloggers who can call themselves Aussie Hair Angels, so when Sherin wrote a post over on her blog about a competition Aussie were running so that 10 more bloggers could get the chance to become Angels I got very excited, very quickly. 

I headed over to their site, but halfway through the terms and conditions my bubble burst when I read that, according to the terms and conditions you had to be 18 to enter. However, it also said that if you won, you'd be contacted by the 21st March - which is in fact my 18th birthday. (side note: very excited by this! Though my friends keep on rolling their eyes at my political geekiness, I'm more excited about being eligible to vote than to be able to buy alcohol!) I decided to email the girls at Aussie, explaining when my birthday was, and because they are all so lovely they are letting me enter, because if I did win, I'd be 18 when I did so! Thank you Aussie!

At first when I read the challenge my heart sank because how on earth am I supposed to lighten up my Spring when, aside from my birthday Spring for me means revision, revision, exams, and wait more revision for my A Levels to make the grades to be able to move to London in September (goodbye hour and a half commute into the city!). However, when I started to think about it I realized that there were actually quite a things I could set myself goals to do this Spring, all of which will help me out in this stressful period by either keeping me focused or to help me de stress. These goals and ideas I have come up with I thought up with just me in mind, but I think they can apply to anyone who has lots of stressful exams or work commitments coming up this month! 

Don't skimp on my beauty regime

Most of us don't feel as great about themselves (me included!) when they don't have clear skin or their hair is a mess, and when I don't keep up with my evening beauty regime this is exactly what happens! This Spring I'm going to try and get into the habit of applying my Clinque Moisture Surge face gel and Superdefence moisturizer after I have showered and brush my hair out while it is still wet so it does not go mad, rather than just doing it when I remember!

Sort out a healthy work timetable

I'm not going to feel great if I don;t work hard and fail my exams, but I'm also not going to feel great if I spend even single moment of my time studying. I have now reached my last set of pre-undergrad examinations and I still have not managed to maintain a good work ethic for public examinations. I'm going to try what everyone has always been telling me: if I get up on time and work in sensible blocks, stopping for regular breaks and making sure I set aside some time for myself I will feel better about how much work I have done, and I will feel less stressed. I'm also going to make sure all my windows are open and I have bunches of flowers in my room while I work! 

Make sure I maintain my snacking regime during exams

When I'm working, or just usually when I'm bored I'm a dreadful snacker. Chocolate, biscuits, big bags of Haribo I buy in bulk from the supermarket every time I'm at home in France and savory picnic food from Marks & Spencers. I am awful! I know it is impossible to stop myself from snacking, but I have found since I started snacking on better things I have felt so much better about myself. Since I switched my constant all day fruit juice and smoothie drinking (healthy but chocked full of sugar, natural sugar but still sugar after all) for fruit teas my skin has been better, I've felt better and I've even lost a lot of weight. Recently I've started receiving Graze boxes. Though I still have not managed to train myself to make the box stretch across a whole week, I have managed to stop myself snacking on everything else during the week and I have felt so much better for it! I've been working on my English coursework this week which has been so stressful, and I've eaten almost an entire bar of chocolate and pack of my favourite French chocolate biscuits, and my skin does not like it! This Spring during exams I'm going to try and maintain this regime, and not slip up again (with the exception of birthday cake, obviously!)! 

Try something new with my lovely new hair colour

As many of you will have already head by now from my gushing every time I post a photo of myself, or from my Weekly Love posts, I'm totally and completely in love with my new red ombre dipped hair. I've hardly ever changed my hair style. It used to be very, very long and have no layers, and when I had it cut to just rather long and then to when I had it cut to just below shoulder length I always wore it curly, and usually with a hairband a la Blair Waldorf. Recently I have been wearing it brushed out straight with the natural wave at the bottom because it's easy. And that is about it. I've experimented once or twice with a messy beehive, but I really wish I could do more with my hair. So, during revision breaks I'm going to get to know it a bit better!

Try to get a good nights sleep

You don't need me to tell you how important this is! I have found that if I go to bed at 11pm, when my alarm goes off at 7:40 the next morning I am actually able to get through all my lessons, even the 9am ones without my eyes drooping, and I feel so much better for it. I'm a happier, chirpier person, I'm much nicer to all the people around me and I always have a bit more of a spring in my step. If I stay up even an extra hour chatting on Skype (you know who you are!) I get all moody the next day and I'm tired all the way through it. This Spring I'm going to make sure I get a good nights sleep every night, and stick to my sleep pattern, even when I'm at my parents house on study leave and I don't have to get up for classes. Also, I'm going to try and do something where I can just switch off before I go to bed for half an hour, like read a novel that is not one of my set texts to wind down. If you do something like this I guarantee you'll get to sleep faster. For me (cue second political geek out of this blog post) this means not reading a political biography before bed. If I'm reading about a political I agree with I can't stop my mind going off on tangents of political ideology or policy, and if I don't agree with them I get get all angry about the policy decisions they made! For other great sleep tips, Faye wrote a great blog post a while ago about how to get a good nights sleep

Try to wear brighter accesories

This is a completely sartorial point to end with; I wear really really dark colours (mostly black to be honest), but in the sunnier months I alwys feel happier when I wear bright colours - so why don't I do it? Moving to London later this year, and as a student no less I need to be saving money, not spending it so I don't think I can completely overhaul my entire wardrobe; but I can try to mix some brighter accessories (some of which I already own but never wear!) into my existing outfits to make me smile! 

What are you going to do to put a spring in your step this Spring? 


  1. I LOVED this post! I felt like I got to know you a little more!

    I love that you are going to wear more bright colors. Always good for spring.

    I feel the same way sometimes about spring being so busy! I think I will try to lighten up mine as well!

    And congrats on your perfectly timed birthday!


  2. Good luck! Would love to have you as an Angel as well. All these points are definitely good for becoming lighter for Spring. Getting an organised timetable and maintaining a healthy diet is perfect.

  3. Rachel you really deserve to be an Aussie Angel!


  4. Love the ombre dipped hair and wish we had graze here! Sounds like a great way to keep grazing under control! Fingers crossed you win x

  5. I'm reading the Red Queen right now and its really very good! I'm a big Alison Weir fan, and with Philippa Gregory's success I thought she was the next author to try! I'm going to be starting an English degree in September and I feel a bit intimidated that all I will know is the gossip, life and times of the Tudor rulers! x

  6. Aaww,this is beautiful !
    I love it ! ♥

    ...OH MY VOGUE !

  7. Good luck with the competition! Fingers crossed for you!

  8. I love this post - good luck with it all!

    I'm going to try and wear brighter accessories too, that's a good one! I also find a good skincare routine makes me feel much better, as does getting lots of fresh air and doing exercise. xx

  9. Good luck flower! This is a marvelous entry, and I'm sure the fact that the closing date is your birthday may well swing it your direction :) jazzy ♥

  10. Great post! I love seeing people's notes and things they are studying.. Not sure why haha.

    Not that it has anything to do with anything but I assumed you were older than you are.

    Good luck!