Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Q&A With From Gem With Love

Ever since I first discovered it, I have been enjoying the quirky and individual lifestyle blog From Gem With Love. Her blog is full of beautiful photos and a nice mix of snapshots into Gem's life, beautiful photos and 'issues' posts discussing the things that matter to the savvy reader, similar to what you'd find in a woman's magazine but without all the trash in between the pages!

I caught up with Gem the other day to find some more about the girl behind one of my favourite blogs...
So tell us the story behind From Gem With Love: how long have you been blogging for, and what made you start the blog?

From Gem With Love, is a place I got to share my life with the world, I never wanted to start a fashion, or beauty blog even though I love them, I just knew I'd never have enough money to keep up with all the new stuff and tbh I wear what I like, I don't really conform to trends. So I started a sort of 'lifestyle blog' a place where I could share my life, thoughts and start conversations about different things, and on different levels. I really love writing posts that many people may not have the confidence too, or haven't thought of, like my issue posts, my pledge against online bullying and my book club. I've been blogging for about 8 months now. I'm really enjoying it.

The photos of your blog are absolutely beautiful! I hear you're a freelance photographer, how did you first get into that? How long have you been a photographer for?

I've always been creative, I studied Art at school and college, and went on to do Theatre Design at uni, but I've always had a passion for photography, and I got the highest grade in the UK at college, so I started off with a simple point and shoot camera, taking pictures mainly in the nature field, and have been doing it professionally now for nearly a year. I got my professional camera last May, and now concentrate on portraits and nature. I love it, it's my life.

What are the three most played songs on your iTunes?

Incubus - Wish You Were Here, Adele - Set Fire To The Rain and Inme - Turbulence.

You've come up with some great ideas for your blog, like the reader book club. How did that come about, and can people still join?

Thank you! I love reading and I had noticed a lot of other bloggers had started New Years resolutions to start reading more, and I know how easy it is to just give up or forget about things, so I thought it would be nice as a community, knowing you sort of 'have' to read the book and that discussing and reviewing with other would make the whole experience a lot more fun in general. Yes anyone can join, it's much better if you join at the start of a new month though, as you are more involved and it's easier for me to manage.

If I were to rifle through your handbag right now, what would I find in there?

Right at the moment I have....*looks in bag* My phone, keys, purse, hand gel (I'm obsessed since I had a tummy bug), my camera, a hairbrush, a small make-up bag, lots of rings, tissues, a pen, olbas oil and samples of Jimmy Choo perfume. I don't usually carry that much, but at the moment I'm staying at my Moms, so my life is sort of in my handbag.

These days everyone and their cat has a blog. Do you try and create unique content, or do you just post whatever you fancy and hope that people like it?

I put a lot of thought in to my issue posts, such as the one I did on different types of contraception, as I like to get all the facts and links correct. For posts like my speak your mind, three little words and Is it time to shred the rule book, I generally write from my heart, I'll either write exactly what I'm thinking at the time, or I'll notice things going on in the blogging world, or with people around me and take inspiration from them and put my feelings in to it.

What do you have on your wish list at the moment? engagement ring, I am so in love with my boyfriend, he is my best friend, I can't wait to marry him.

Materialistically..A Mulberry Tillie bag, Nars sheer glow foundation ( I love it), Laura Mercier Créme De Pistache set, A lovely beach Holiday and a few dresses from Urban Outfitters.

What blogs have you been enjoying recently, which blog is your most recent find, and which blogs do you think that you've been reading the longest?

I really love Jen's blog Jenny From The Block, her photographs are outstanding, I recently came across Rumi's blog Fashion Toast and I'd say I've been reading Sofia's Journal the longest, I really love her blog.


  1. Aww I love it, thank you so much :) xx

  2. I love Gem so its lovely to find out a little bit more about her and what makes her tick! She is very brave with a lot of the stuff she writes about and I really respect her for that :)

    Maria xxx

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  8. Great interview. Gem is wonderful, it's always a pleasure to read anything she posts xx

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  9. Gem is a gem.

    and your blog is beautiful.
    browsing and following you now*

    love amy ^.^

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