Saturday, 12 March 2011

Weekly Love - Week 60

+ Sunshine and turquoise nail polish to lighten my mood!

+ If you're working at a trashy tabloid newspaper, this is how you right your resignation letter - one of the funniest things I've read in a very long time!

+ Glamour Magazine's birthday cake

+ Googling the ski resort in America I'm going to next month to find out that it's in California. Apart from the fact that this makes me very, very excited I did not actually realize that there was snow in California. Nice to know. This is exciting, but I'm still even more excited about my day in San Francisco!

+ Blake Lively for Chanel. 

+ I've reviewed Flip by Martyn Bedford for The Guardian's new Children's Books website. It may be a teen book, and generally directed at boys, but I read it cover to cover in one go when I had food poisoning, and I really, really enjoyed it!

+ Still stupidly excited for my impending 18th birthday and trip to California!

+ Abbey Lee Kershaw looks incredible in everything.

+ Listening to the Speaker of the House of Commons speak about his role on Thursday night - as a politics junkie it was like Christmas had come early!

+ Camilla Belle stars in a beautiful and magical photoshoot. 

+ Catching up with the lovely Kokopelli Blu on Skype, its ages since I've seen or even spoken to her - I miss her so much!

+ Photos from behind the scenes of the making of the Mulberry jeweled Lily handbag - so beautiful - I really want one!

+ Spending a morning in London - exactly what I need to lighten my mood!

+ Model's Own fantastic new Wah Nails collaboration and new pro range!
'Need You Now' by Lady Antebellum, and their collaboration with Maroon 5 off of their latest album, Hands All Over: 'Out Of Goodbyes'. Their album is actually incredible - I can't stop listening to it!

+ Buying Glamour at the train station to get a free Clinique Mosture Surge - I'd run out!

+ It's okay not to be a professional blogger.

+ Working on bringing some exciting new products to Pilgrims Proverb!

+ Attending a lecture by David Loyn, the BBC's International Development Correspondent. It was really fascinating to hear him talk about his time with the Taliban.

+ Remember to enter my Spring Giveaway!

What have you all been enjoying this week?


  1. I recently started following you and after reading this post i'm really glad I did! :)x

  2. Love those nail varnish colours! Also very excited about the MO Shatter polish :D

  3. blake looks beautiful and that mulberry handbag is just delicious. love the new nail varnish too =)

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  4. Great post! I love the look of the Glamour magazine cake from the link you posted!

  5. love Lady Antebellum sound and the nude and silver nail polish, one of my favs! great links to check out! xoxo

  6. Your so lucky your heading to California, Its AMAZING!!!
    lovely post xx

  7. Nice nail polishes!=)
    A trip to California? Sounds promising!
    "It's okay not to be a professional blogger." Amen to that! Love the article.

  8. SO jealous of you heading to Cali, I've heard it's beautiful! Funnily enough I'm actually close friends to Abby Lee! I went to school with her, she's actually lovely. Can't believe how far she's come, it's crazy! :) Have a wonderful weekend xx

  9. Love all of these. Glamours birthday cake looks amazing.
    And reading how the guy resigned! Amazing.

  10. I love blue nail polishes, I'm a bit obsessed with them! I love that turquoise color you bought! Nice shopping! :) Kisses from spain :)

  11. wow! love ur blog!!

  12. I do really love your blog.
    Will you follow me and I will follow you too? <3

  13. oooh I like the new style of the topshop nail polishes.

    Helen, X

  14. That blue nail polish looks awesome! I love Lady antebellum xxx

  15. you have a really beautiful blog!i absolutley love it!+1 follower:>
    nail polish colors are just awesome!

  16. I love the resignation letter link! If only I'd done something like that at my previous job, instead of walking out in disgust!