Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Summerfield Garden Centre

The other day I went back to my childhood and went to our local garden centre to choose plants with my Mother for all the empty plant pots on our patio - something we used to do together in the Spring and Summer all the time when I lived at home. 
It was a beautiful day so I decided to take along my camera. Walking through the plant pot filled gardens and the giant greenhouse I felt so nostalgic!
I have an obsessive thing for all things that are purple, so I fell in love with these beautiful bright flowers just by the entrance. It was a real shame that they were not exactly the thing we were looking for! 
I really loved the idea of these mushroom garden ornaments. They also came in polished metal, but I liked the bright colours. They were basically ceramic stalks stuck the the pots, and with hollow fungi shaped suspended above - is that very impressive, or am I just easily impressed.
Cute ceramic cat with brightly coloured flowers growing on its back. Need I say more?
Somehow, as I fell in love with so many pretty flowers with such bright colours, we ended up going for a black, dark purple and white colour scheme. I blame the black petunia's reminding me of Harry Potter. 
My very fashionable mother had been out that morning before we went to the gardening centre so she was all dressed up smartly. No diffrent from how she usually dresses, but it seemed like an odd contrast to see her in her high heels dressed like something out of a slightly more casual version of Face Hunter wondering around the garden centre picking up plants. 
Finally, I knew she'd say no, but I was still rather disappointed that she would not let me fill our garden with meercats, even if, looking nothing like Alexander Orlov they still managed to look absolutely adorable! 

When was the last time you wondered around a garden centre, or just spent some quality time with your mother?


  1. Gorgeous photos, Rachel! I go with my mom to pick out the flowers for her garden sometimes. We bring them home, place them, and then always get my Dad to dig up the soil and plant them, so I suppose that it's a family affair!

  2. I've helped my Dad out on his allotment for the past few years. In the summer I love taking my dog over while I pick raspberries, trouble is he sucks them off the bushes faster than i can pick them!
    As for the garden, my Dad took ill last September and so has been teaching my mum and I how to look after it ever since. We've spent many an hour pondering over plants in garden centres lately!

  3. Lovely photos! My mum loves gardening, so we nip out to the nearest garden centre all the time. I love nosing at the plants, but I mainly go with her because our garden centre has a café that does the best cakes ever - they're enormous, so they're perfect for sharing! It would be rude not to go really...x

  4. I'm in love with the cat plant pot and the mushrooms looks so so cute :) I wish I had a nicer garden not just a crappy yard!
    Really lovely photos too, I love going to the garden centre with my mum :)
    Rachelle xxx

  5. WOW,these shots are simply amazing!!!Thanks for sharing!

  6. Oooo, I want those garden meerkats. How cool would they look? It all looks so beautiful. I love how there are pretty flowers everywhere.

  7. love your bag.
    maybe we could follow each other? x

  8. pretty flowers! when i was little i remember visiting the garden centre too. i always had horrible hayfever but didnt mind as i always got an ice cream at the end ha! xx

  9. Thanks for your lovely comment, great minds think a like :)
    The meerkats are amazing, especially the mini one cuddling, how cutee! In all honestly, I think I spend too much bloody time with my mum haha! Looks like a lovely day though :) x

  10. i actually love garden centres, they are so colourful and you captured it all perfectly.

  11. Cool photos!! I love your bag <3

    My blog
    xoxo Michaela

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