Friday, 22 April 2011

Weekly Love - Week 64

+ Baking a Chocolate and Raspberry torte for my Dad's 50th birthday. I was so happy with the way it turned out, and it tasted great too!

+ My friend Catharine has a fantastic new blog called Polaroid Daydreams!

+ Making American pancakes for the first time and eating them with bacon and syrup.

+ I now have a Chictopia account, if anyone prefers it to Lookbook (I still have one of those too!)

+ Essie Weingarten talks about how she names her nail polishes.
+ Shopping at Bluewater - I have not been for ages! Great purchase from Kurt Geiger, Jaeger, Urban Outfitters (this hat) and Lush!

+ All new Gossip Girl and 90210. Yes, summer is here!

+ I have been starting to clear out my rooms at home and getting rid of stuff I don't want anymore, so I've opened up a blog store! I'll ship anywhere in the UK and all prices include postage and packing. Currently in the store there is some stuff from Paul & Joe Sister, Urban Decay and Hermes!

+ Checking out the new Jack Wills in Canterbury - I absolutely love the decor!

+ Sofia has written a brilliant 'Blogging 101' post - better than most of the posts of the same topic I have read out there!
+ Unlimited TV marathons after I've been studying all day. God I love The Mentalist.

+ The first BBQ of the season!

+ 5 reasons why fashion bloggers should join Tumblr. You can check out my Tumblr if you want!

+ Driving out to a country pub for a drink and an amazing pub meal.

+ Doing lengths in the pool every day.

What have you all been enjoying this week?


  1. o god sounds amazing. the chocolate torte looks brilliant - don't think i'd have the patience or the skill to make something like that happen. also swimming and bbqs. i've got builders in my garden till the end of august...what the no bbqs for me. gadz xo

  2. First of all, the torte looks AMAZING. I wish I could bake like that. Second--you look absolutely gorgeous in your photo and third, I really want that Hermes soap (although I am going to refrain because I have been so bad about shopping lately). Definitely going to bookmark your store for future retail therapy though! xoxoox

  3. that torte looks incredible! i hope your dad had a lovely day. seems like a busy but productive week for you! i really need to get back into swimming myself! xx

  4. you're a marketing director! that was one of my dream careers

  5. The cake looks delicious :)
    I'm so hoping we will have our first BBQ this weekend...

    PS: You look gorgeous with the summer hat!


    Miri's Castle

  6. OMG. The torte looks sooooooo good! We hope your pops had a marvelous 50th! Wishing you a happy bank holiday weekend! Happy Easter xxx

  7. I love Bluewater! I have a total addiction to mall shopping though, purely due to laziness!

  8. Mmhh the torte looks so delicious!!! You're a marketing director?! What degree do you have?

    My blog
    xoxo Michaela

  9. Yum! The cake looks so yummy!

    Btw, I stumbled across your blog.. nice blog you have filled with beautiful pictures.

    Btw, let's follow each other. I'm following you
    already. I'm the #290 follower. Followed me back?
    I will be happy if you do the same to me, too!

  10. The Chocolate and Raspberry torte looks absolutely delicious!
    You also look amazing in the picture. The hat is amazing.

  11. OMG give me it :p

    Kisses from France
    O & M

  12. That thing about reasons to join tumblr has really got me thinking! Also, that torte looks so delicious.

    x x Michelle

  13. delicous cake mmm and great photos :)


  14. Oh gosh that torte looks to die for! Nice hat as well. I'm going to go and check out some of the links you posted!

  15. Ooh that hat is fabulous! Love it :) xo

  16. My god!! the cake! It looks amazing! :D Really sweet blog you have :) gonna follow on bloglovin! and this week i've been enjoying calm cottage life!

  17. Love lists like this! That cake looks perfectly amazing :) And I think you've inspired me to start using my poor abandoned tumblr again.

  18. wow, great Blog!

  19. nice hat ! i want taste ur cake !

  20. That torte looks incredible and I'm so pleased that Gossip Girl and Hellcats are back on :D

    Maria xxx

  21. that cake looks like perfection! i'd love to make that for my mother on mother's day, but she doesn't eat chocolate (why!).
    that hat looks lovely on you (:


  22. wow that cake is to die for! almost too pretty to eat. you're sweet x

  23. NICE pictures!

    I have been enjoying chocolate and U2.

  24. The Chocolate and Raspberry torte looks great, I'm sure mine would turn out nothing like that at all if I attempted to make it.

  25. What a lovely torte and how sweet (no pun intended) of you to make it for your father!

  26. thanks for including my top five reasons to have a tumblr post! your blog is ace! <3