Saturday, 30 April 2011

Weekly Love - Week 65

+ My first attempt at blueberry pancakes. Did not turn out too badly methinks.

+ Though I may have thought all the hype was a bit much, watching the Royal Wedding made me feel proud to be British. And now I know what I want my wedding dress to look like! I also enjoyed the multiple occasions where I was able to sing the National Anthem. 

+ The really hot and sunny bank holiday weekend we enjoyed!

+ The latest episode of Hellcats. The ending. Oh my God. If you saw it you'll know what I mean! Too bad the actor who plays Julian is filming a pilot for another show...

+ Sarah Ashley talks about the stigma attached to fashion blogging.
+ Taking photos of all the beautiful flowers that are bursting into bloom all around me. My mothers lilac smelt amazing!

+ Jessica Rose from Star Violet Beauty did an incredible Easter egg hunt around her blog this week (which I won!) - it really was fantastic, you must check out her blog!

+ Is eyeliner on your lower lash line dangerous? I'd never though about it, but when this article came up in my Bloglovin' feed I started to get worried!

+ Hotel Chocolate easter eggs.

+ Ashley is running this incredible blog project where you exchange packages of snacks and candy from your country with another blogger. It's called Yummy International, and I can't wait to get paired with someone!

+ Watching NBC's The Voice. I saw it advertised while I was flipping channels looking for The Vampire Diaries in my hotel room in California, and after one episode I'm already hooked! So much better than The X Factor and American idol, you must check it out! And, no, I'm not just watching it because Adam Levine is in it! Seriously, so addictive I found myself shouting at the judges on the screen at one point! 
Screen shot 2011-04-24 at 11.41.44
+ Logging into and cleaning up my Buzznet page - god I have not been on that site for so long!

+ Lucy Hale talks about makeup and Pretty Little Liars over at Nylon. God I love that girl! 

+ California by Phantom Planet and anything by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

+ Sneaking into the ruins and sitting there talking in the dark for hours. 

+ Watching The O.C. Why did I never watch this show when it was on?

+ Meredith gives a first hand account of the effect of the storms and tornadoes in Alabama. You really must read his post - it made me cry for the plight of all the people who have suffered and lost their lives both in Alabama and in her hometown. 

What have you been enjoying this week?


  1. thank you for linking my post love! & your pancakes look lovely!

  2. It always seems to me like you have to read tons of blogs/articles and I'm still wondering how you manage.. Thank you for that! xx

  3. i've been off work this week, so have enjoyed lots of trips out & about! wasn't the wedding lovely, i thoroughly enjoyed it even though i'm not a a wedding person.

  4. i always love reading all your links. those pancakes look ahmaaazing xx

  5. I never get bored with your links. It's like a summary of everything. Great post. Now I'm craving for pancakes >.<

  6. Pancakes look good, Rach!
    Going to check out Yummy International now - looks right up my street! Thankyou for another fab post! x

  7. Those pancakes look delicious! I love Hellcats, does that mean that Julian's character is getting written out then?? x

    Just a Thought

  8. Those pancakes look great - I cant never get mine as nice and round as that!

    You always have really interesting links, I'm always finding some good reads from your posts!

  9. Oh wow I didn't realize I hadn't watched the newest Hellcats episode yet. Gotta catch up! :D
    I always think your 'weekly love' posts are very inspiring, but this one is even greater than the other ones. I agree with pretty much anything you wrote down, I would've written down half of those things myself if I had a series like this on my blog, too. In fact, I'm thinking about starting something similar inspired by your posts. Would that be okay with you? I'm not trying to copy you, I just think it is a great idea to do something like this!!


  10. ooh those pancakes look scrumptious! and i may or may not be watching the voice only because of adam levine... ;)

    sorelle in style

  11. @ Natalie - I actually have no idea, but he's filming the pilot for this show that I think is called The Witches Circle for The CW that is based on books by L.J. Smith who wrote The Vampire Diaries. If that becomes successful he won't have time to do both I don't think.

    @ Barbara - Thanks so much! And go for it, I don't mind! Lots of bloggers to weekly links on their blogs, so it's not like its my original idea, but I'm flattered that you asked! x

    And thanks to everyone who has complimented my pancake making skills so far! It won't be in the next month, but I will be posting a photo how to and recipe for my pancake making sometime in the future!

  12. Mmm those pancakes look amazing!

  13. the pan cakes turned out fine i think yuumm x

  14. love pancakes too!!love ur blog!!!totally following u..follow me?keep it!

  15. Oh wow those pancakes look so delicious! Can you send me one? ;) I used to love watching the O.C when it was on. I still watch the odd episode when I have some free time. Summer's my favourite easily xxx

  16. Yummy pancakes! I love the OC too, I watched it when it first aired but I just recently began putting all four seasons on my ipod! :) xo

  17. Aw i really wanted to see the voice but they don't play it here in china. Ill have to look for it online. stumbled across your blog. enjoying reading your posts :) have a nice day!

  18. Those pancakes looks amaaaaazing! Also I am exactly like you - I never watched the O.C. while it was on TV, but ended up loving it when I did eventually watch it! :p x

  19. Oh you have one lovely blog here! Those pancakes look so yummy, I love pancakes on the weekened especially.

    xx Carina

  20. yummy pancakes! they look amazing!


  21. Your pancakes look delicious! xo

  22. I was in full wedding yhpe on Friday! I saw the whole coverage and it was so beautiful. Kate looked stunning!

    I use eyeliner on my lower lash line, so will definitely be reading that!

    And I have the first 5 episodes of Pretty Little Liars on my sky+ box. Can't wait to watch them! Wondering where to watch the rest though.

  23. I love Lucy Hale too! Thanks for the link. Blog looks great btw!

  24. first of all haha I love your first picture haha look delicious!! great blog honey! I'm following!

    Look my blog and if you like it, follow me!



  25. OMG to Hellcats! I was like :O haha and I am currently watching S3 of the OC with my housemates and it is SO good! Those pancakes look super yummy too :)

    Maria xxx

  26. Hmm those pancakes look damn good! you made me hungry! I loved the post! looks like a great week^^

    farah from FashionFabrice

  27. The pancakes look delicious!

  28. I've been loving all the flowers out at the moment... not sure what i'm actually going to do with all the photos ive been taking though! x

  29. Mmmm you're making me drool over those pancakes!

    Also I'm new to your blog so I just thought I would say hello :) I really like your idea of posting your favourite things of the week, I might have to give a try sometime too. You have a great blog, I'm your newest follower!

  30. Wow, those pancakes look scrummy! I loved the wedding and I think you Brits are just wonderful x

  31. Those pancakes look amazing - now I'm hungry, haha! And I did watch Hellcats :o :o so exciting!! xx

  32. Those pancakes are #winning!
    Lovely flowers too, the one's here haven't bloomed yet (crazy!).
    Aw, I miss the OC. I want to re-watch the seasons this summer.


  33. them pancakes look AMAZING.
    thanks for visiting my blog :)
    sarah x

  34. Those pancakes look absolutely delicious! Also, I too love the Red hote Chili Peppers.

  35. at your hellcasts comment: i didnt know anyone else watches it! I thought i'd hate it.. im addicted :)

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