Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Life Without Social Media?

The other day Michelle from Daisybutter was asking me some questions about my views on social media while she was writing her dissertation, which really got me thinking about the way I use social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and even my blog, and where I think social media is going in the future. 
In the summer of 2008 just before Twitter got really big I remember sitting in the head London offices of Airlock, a web design company when I was working on my Battlefront campaign at Channel 4, and they were explaining Twitter. I did not, and I think most of the people with me did not understand the appeal of 140 character updates, even when shown case studies of how Twitter had become useful in activism. I did not get into Twitter until about a year later when people I wanted to connect with, like bloggers or fashion magazines started to use the platform. I'm a complete politics junkie, but I have found that instead of reading newspapers and most politics magazines following MP's, political parities and news outlets has become a substitute for paper reading, and even my Times Online subscription - I just read the articles that take my interest linked from Twitter and news channels 'Breaking News' feeds have replaced watching the News. That, and combined with following my friends, fashion bloggers I love and a few fashion magazines has created a feed of all I even need to know about and is, aside from my Bloglovin' which aside from following other bloggers I follow a few fashion and politics news sites in, is my only stop online for news. I Tweet either fro Tweetdeck, an application that causes new Tweets @ me or from the people I follow to appear in the top corner of my computer screen whatever page I have open at the time, and from Ubersocial Twitter client for Blackberry.

I don't think Twitter is going to evolve in itself much more, but it is going to expand in what applications its streams into. I'm curious about Foursquare, but after reading a piece in Company Magazine about security using it, and combined with the fact my Blackberry internet is patchy in my city I'm wary to try it! Social networking is moving off of our computers and onto our smartphones - the future of social networking is in apps not websites! I do have a Facebook account, but I don't use it much, mainly because anyone I would want to talk to I see all the time, has Twitter or Skype (which I practically live on!)
Screen shot 2011-04-23 at 15.27.12
I think social networking does make you think about how you're portraying yourself, from the person who only wants positive things to be seen about them online in their electronic footprint because they now know universities and employers are trawling networking sites, or bloggers who want to cultivate their online brand.

What do you think? I'd be interested to know what social networking platforms you use, how you use them and what you think the future of social media is!


  1. Great post!

    Think you make an interesting point about your electronic footprint and how you portray yourself - this is something I think about ALL the time when on twitter!! I just signed up for Hootsuite to manage my twitter more easily and am really happy with it :)

  2. I still use Facebook pretty extensively because at uni it's the only way we get invited to things - even by the careers service! I love Twitter but I don't have that many of my 'real' friends on there, I see it as a place to be someone a bit different, although I try not to post anything that would piss people off IRL. I think those are my 'Big Two' although I do get involved with Tumblr and blogging, clearly.

  3. Social networks have grown so much in the last few years. One of the first things I do when I wake up is check Twitter and I've gotten so many breaking news stories like that, instead of switching on the news. I find it so useful to follow politicians, news channels, newspapers and ever fashion brands.

  4. Have you seen that film Catfish? Kind of an interesting watch based on this topic. I am a bit freaked out by foursquare, but totally addicted to twitter and facebook (as you, I'm sure, well know!)

  5. Interesting post, I know I often wonder if it's a good idea to tweet all the nonsense I sometimes do and often get that slightly momentary panic about whether it'll catch up with me in years to come but the way I see I never tweet anything to terrible that might have actually have consequences (or so I believe) in years to come. I am definitely a 100% twitter fan and it's noramlly where I also hear breaking news. For example, the first time I heard about the death of OBL was shortly after I'd woken up and was scrolling through twitter on my iPod. It really is a terrific platform for fast info. I use foursquare with a couple of my friends because it can be good fun if a few of you use it as there's that competition side behind but I agree that you need to be careful as it's not good for people to track your every move, especailly as it can be linked through twitter which is mainly public.

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  6. Great post. I'm sure other platforms will appear but not as big as what we have now. When it first appeared I hated twitter, facebook, myspace, etc but now I don't know what i'd do without them. I don't swear on the internet (and I swear like a sailor) slightly so no offence is caused and slightly because of the job horror stories. To sum up , sorry if this doesn't make sense, I wish people would write more. x hivenn

  7. great post - i only use facey blogger and twitter i dont think i could handle anymore passwords xxx

  8. i used to be an avid facebooker, but it's kind of fallen to the wayside for me. i find it's simply a site where drama occurs. tumblr and blogspot and my main ones now. i've never been much of a twitter fan and i'm definitely not a skype-r!

  9. I must admit back in the day I was a member of nearly all the networking sites, but then last year i stumbled across my old myspace account, the horror! Im only using three networking sites now and im barely on them really (well apart from blogger). The good thing about all these sites for me is that i can keep in contact with people from all over the world, people I don't see often :)