Friday, 6 May 2011

Weekly Love - Week 66

+ Getting dressed up for dinner. I took this photo following my friends to drinks. Left to right: Charlotte is wearing Whistles, Ally is wearing Topshop and Steph is wearing H&M.

+ Sunday morning  brunch that I did not have to cook or pay for!

+ Laughing my head off in H&M at the fact that even wearing some pretty substantial wedges the down the the floor maxi dresses are still taller than me!

+ Anyone who is at all a history geek will find these Next Top Model themed posts from What Would Anne Boleyn Do will find these bloody brilliant.

+ Rocking out to my special summer playlist.

+ The literary geek in me really wants to place an order from Out Of Print. It is going to take a lot of self restraint not to order this Bell Jar tee.

+ Kokopelli Blu's street in London had the most amazing street party, and she posted photos! Very jealous right now! I did not have as nearly as much fun at the fete I went to!

+ There is a new feature on the side bar of my blog - blog of the week! I can't wait to start showing some of my favourite bloggers some love up there!

+ Garance Dore talks about her Coachella experience - a very funny, very informative post!
+ My Golden Snitch necklace from Wallpaper Rose - so many people have stopped me to ask about it!

+ I wrote a guest post over at Where Are My Knees? about healthy drinking this week!

+ That happy feeling I had when I realized I have a Clinique High Impact Black mascara sample in my handbag when I thought I'd run out!

+ Something very exciting, and very top secret is going to be happening, hopefully by the end of June on my and a few of my wonderful blogger friends blogs. It's a secret, but I will be giving you a few clues on twitter and in these weekly love posts, if you want to try and guess in the comments! Clue no. 1: On Sunday, I put 'It's Sunday' in the subject line of a big group email I wrote.

+ This may be an article from a politics website, but it is essential reading for anyone who uses Twitter for self promotion. 

+ It now being warm enough to be able to slip into my bright pink Havaianas originals flip flops to just dash out for food or to cross campus.

+ Laura has written a beautiful piece about her blogging journey.

+ Watching the election results roll in.

+ Finally finding a tinted moisturizer that I can't feel on my face - Moisture Surge Tinted Moisturizer by Clinique!

+ Munching on my Mum's homemade chocolate chip cookies!

+ An American teen fakes a 6 month pregnancy for a school project and social experiment. Wow. (via Amy)
+ Sorting out my bad hair day with Lush's Jasmin and Henna Fluff Eaze.

+ Finding a shop in town that stocks Mountain Dew. it does not taste the same as the American original (not nearly enough sugar!) but it will do to sustain the habit I have developed (for now!)

+ This week I reviewed Between Shades Of Grey by Ruta Sepetys on the Guardian Childrens Books website - a must read for anyone of any age, not just young adults!

+ Dry Special K (the fruit one) in a bowl and eaten as nibbles.

+ I really want the new Mulberry book!

+ Really getting into country music. 'Need You Now' by Lady Antebellum is one of my favourite albums right now, and since checking him out when I had no idea who he was on The Voice I'm really liking Blake Shelton too (but I'll always be #teamadam!) Sugarland are good too!

+ Taking life lessons from song lyrics. I'm turning into Amy Claire Thompson.

+ A photo of an amazing florescent pink bird. I want one as a pet.

+ Helping other people out with their blogs.

+ Ron Weasley's email inbox. Priceless.

What have you been enjoying this week?


  1. Thank you for the mention! I am honoured. :-) Also, how pretty is that snitch necklace! I love quirky jewellery like that.

    Anne x

  2. Amazing. I still love these posts! xxx

  3. I loved the Ron Weasly email inbox. So funny. And yes, I've had an eye on the election results all day.

  4. Love that snitch necklace! I love Wallpaper Rose, so many cute things...I think the Hermione time turner necklace is lovely too x

    Just a Thought

  5. Rachel! The politics/twitter link is so interesting, i shall be passing that around to my friends to read! Thank you for posting that up. Off to read and click on the other things on the post now. Have a fab weekend xxx

  6. I love getting dressed up for a night out, I feel like I haven't done it for ages....and I love love love that golden Snitch necklace xxx

  7. Love this post.

    Mountain Dew = Drool Slightly disappointed that it's not the same as the American version tho :(

    Hellcats is definitely getting exciting, they best make another series!

  8. I love that first picture! And the golden snitch necklace is amazing - I really want one.

  9. awww your friends look great from the back hehe bet front2 lol love that pendant

  10. Your blog is lovely. I was entertained for a good while, following all of your links.

  11. love the first photo, you've got some stylish friends! and homemade cookies are the best ones :-)
    and yes you need a tie like that in your life they are so versatile! :-)

    thanks for the lovely comment on my blog :)

  12. Those dresses are all lovely, and I love the colours all together. Looks like a really nice, candid shot.

  13. The first photo looks like from a fashion magazine.Love!!

  14. wow, the first picture is so great! you all look so beautiful.

  15. I soooo want your Golden Snitch!!! X

  16. I love how I am well-known for my "life-lessons from song lyrics" fanaticism! Now there's a blog post for me...

    I love the photo of your friends. It's so bold and striking that it really looks stunning.

    And, of course, I too love your snitch!

  17. so cool and funny necklace! I'm a fan! :)

  18. love this post! and the photos! have a nice day :)

  19. Thanks for your comment !

    Plus que deux jours avant la fin des exams !

    jaime beaucoup vos robes :)) (by the way)

  20. Wow, your friends all have impeccable taste. I wish we could see your dress!
    I want that Golden Snitch necklace.
    Send me over some of your mom's homemade chocolate chip cookies :)


  21. oh my gosh, i want that golden snitch necklace. it's to die for. perfect for the true harry potter fan(atic)!

  22. @ Monica - I was wearing the same dress as I was in this post:

  23. that is a really good photo of your friends :)
    and i NEED that necklace in my life haa! x

  24. I'm going to Kings next year! :D <3 Lovely dresses :3

  25. @ Tian -You are? If you need any advice or pointers, which teachers are nice, who are not, things to avoid, just drop me an email - I won't mind!

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