Monday, 27 June 2011

Girls Who Dare To Bare

Inspired by her first Makeover Sunday post, Alyse from Intergrating Alyse has launched 'Girls Who Dare To Bare' on her blog, to show the difference and effect makeup makes, highlighting natural beauty compared to what we choose to cover up with cosmetics. So far some of my favourite bloggers including Gem, Lucy and Ayden have taken part, and yesterday it was my turn to be included in her Girls Who Dare To Bare feature
Both of these before and after photos are entirely unedited, and in the first one I am not wearing any makeup at all. Actually, as a real beauty junkie, surprisingly, I don't actually wear much makeup as part of my every day look, and I wear much less than I used to - I only wear eyeliner as part of an evening look now, and I used to feel naked without it. I've also, in the last year or so become more confident being seen without makeup - now I'll be known to head out to places where I know only my friends will see me in the evenings without bothering to put my makeup on. I remember reading a copy of Glamour on the train coming back from London and how some women set the alarm to get up early and have a full face of makeup on before their other halves wake up so they don't have to let them see them without their face on - I think that is total madness!

I'm wearing:

Benefit Coralista & Sugarbomb Blush (the ends of both, crushed up into one box)
Benefit Boi-ing Concealer 01
Benefit 'Her Name Was Glowla' Eyeshadow Pallette
Clinique Long Last Lipstick in Soft Bloom
Clinique Superbalm Lipstick 08 Current
Benefit BadGal Plum Mascara
Benefit SpeedBrow 

Do you feel comfortable letting people see you without any makeup on?


  1. You're so gorgeous, without make-up especially! Controversial, eh? In all seriousness, people should be proud enough to go out without make-up and feel good about themselves.
    I rarely wear make-up, because I don't think it helps me...I can't stand clumpiness, bad blending etc, plus if I wear eyeliner it irritates my lenses :{ x

  2. Wow - not even letting your partner see you without make up is INSANE. But, I also think that it is important to make an effort every once in a while. It's lovely when you're that comfortable in someone else's company, but sometimes - if you're going out for something special - it still feels good to make the effort!

    I've never been able to wear that much make up because I simply can't afford the stuff I'm not allergic to, which sucks.

    You look beautiful in both photos, though.

  3. Rachel, I think you look beautiful without make-up on! I don't wear much make-up, but I do like to have a little bit of concealer and blush on most of the time, even if I'm just having a lazy day at home and am not likely to meet very many people. I feel completely comfortable with my fiancé seeing me without any make-up on - he's nursed me to health after food poisoning and an asthma attack so I think it's too late to make any pretenses about being 'done up' all the time! ;)


  4. You look lovely either way (: I love going bare faced.

  5. You look great with no make-up on! Recently I've become a lot more comfortable wearing less make-up. I didn't used to leave the house without a full face but now I usually just wear a bit of tinted moisturiser, mascara and a lip & cheek stain. I think this project is great to promote natural beauty :)
    Rachelle xxx

  6. You don't need any make-up at all,'re so naturally radiant! xoxoxo ps--see you soon! :)

  7. Someone commented on yesterday's Makeover Sunday post and said how you ladies don't look very different with makeup. I am inclined to agree. You have such good features and a natural glow!

    Waking up before your partner to put on makeup is just insane...and really insecure! I personally don't know anyone who does that, but someone I know once dated a girl who he never saw without makeup. Weird.

  8. You look so so beautiful with and without make up! You have a natural beauty <3

  9. You look amazing in both those pictures, you could save yourself a fortune and not wear any make-up!
    I used to feel fine about not wearing any make-up but these days I always feel better if I have a bit of foundation on - tinted moisturiser doesn't cut it for me anymore!

  10. You look lovely with no makeup!! I hardly ever wear makeup day to day but I work from home so no-one really sees me! If I'm going out with friends etc I will always wear a little to make me more confident. NO way I could post a pic of me makeup-less on my blog so well done :) xx

  11. You look gorgeous without make up as well. This sounds like a great idea as well.
    I don't wear too much make up on a daily basis: only liquid eyeliner. But right now I've decided it's far too hot to wear any make up, so I went out completely bare faced. Although, to be fair, I was wearing large sunglasses.

  12. You're very pretty! I love that your a natural beauty!

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  13. Oh gawd, I read that article too and was in utter shock! It's so sad that so many women feel so unconfident. As you have proven; natural beauty wins every time.
    Love, Emily x

  14. I have to admit I'm not as comfortable without mascara on. If I don't have that, then I am very shy the whole day. Mascara is really all I need!!

    By the way, you look absolutely stunning without make-up. You're so lucky to be naturally beautiful!!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  15. you are honestly one of those girls who can wake up in the morning without needing to put any make up on- and those are the best kind of girls x

  16. Just an awesome ideea! And you look great both before and after! Your natural lipcolor is beautiful :)


  17. God, I wish I looked this good without any make-up on! Your skin looks FLAWLESS. x

  18. Holy crap! I am so impressed with your naturally amazing skin and complexion. It is so wonderful that you can actually go with so little! I think the biggest difference with makeup is that it adds a bit more definition to your eyes which really makes the blues pop!

    P.S. I am ridiculously jealous of your eye color.

  19. i'm of course going to agree heavily with everyone else who has commented thus far - you look stunning in both photos! your skin is perfect!

  20. I think you look lovely without makeup! And you should definitely feel confident to go out without wearing any :) I actually rarely wear makeup, maybe once a week max - can't bear the thought of getting up any earlier for work! xxx