Friday, 10 June 2011

Weekly Love - Week 71

+ My recent Lush haul - thanks to my friend Kathryn for picking it up for me from a shopping list! I guest posted reviews of all of the products over at Star Violet Beauty

+ My new blog tagline: Enhancing Your Everyday Life. I was walking through the supermarket car park with my mother and we were discussing my blog, what sort of things I write about and what I hope my readers take away from my posts. I explained to her that I wanted it to be things that 'enhanced your everyday life', and then I realised that it would make the perfect headline!

+ Lily Melrose talks about her blogging birthday to celebrate her 2nd blog birthday!

+ Stuffing myself with all of my Mothers incredible home cooking - I special mention has to go out to her bread!

+ Will bloggers start using QR codes? (This post is also great in finding out exactly what QR codes are!)

+ That feeling when you open an exam paper and realise that you had gone over the answers to all the questions that morning.

+ Natalie's blog is my favourite source for food and restaurant porn.

+ Getting so many great freebies with this months magazines - I'll be posting about them on Monday!

+ Lulu Guinness is launching a T Shirt collaboration with Uniqlo!
+ These vanilla cupcakes are the best tasting recipe I've ever tried - this week's adventure with my Hummingbird Bakery cookbook! 

Amanda makes Red Velvet Whoopie Pies. I might try this recipe as I already have all the ingredients - I need to get my hands on some Marshmallow Fluff to make the ones in my Hummingbird book.

+ Launching my Dear Rachel feature! If you have any questions you'd like me to tackle, you can drop me an emailsend me a Tweet or ask me a question on Formspring

Ella shows us how to make a vintage camera illustration necklace - such a cute DIY - this girl is so talented!

+ Aero chocolate biscuits.

+ There is a Gossip Girl style list on Fashionlista - this makes me very happy!

+ Lady Antebellum's album 'Need You Now' is just incredible.

+ I love the black dress Andy wore to the L'Autre Chose party in Bologna!

+ This fantastic Favicon generator for your site that Kirsten linked me to. 
+ Receiving my first package exchange parcel from Kate packed with some of my favourite American candy, Essie Nail Polish, Moleskine notebooks and some other goodies for me to try out! I feel the need to inform you all that I'm totally in love with Milk Duds. (You can see the Essie 'Coat Azure' nail polish in this outfit post!)

+ My Mum & I have posted some items on from our wardrobes on eBay if you want to take a look - there is some stuff from Karen Millen, quite a few evening dresses and some vintage pieces on there!

+ There is going to be a new Red Hot Chili Peppers album on August 30th after a 5 year wait - beyond excited!

+ Insects and animals made out of Louis Vuitton bags!

+ Linguini with crab, cherry tomatoes, chilli, capers and lemon.

+ Who'd have thought Topman had such great jewellery?

+ Homemade iced tea!

+ I want to try out this bracelet tutorial!

What have you all been enjoying this week?


  1. Nice post, Rachel. I have been enjoying a song, or actually a band. It's hypnotised me and I've been loving it all week. I wrote a bit about it here:

    I've also been enjoying some tasty food, my own, simpler twist on this:

  2. I love Lush! And wow, a Lulu Guinness/Uniqlo collection - can't wait for that! As for American chocolate, have you tried Peanut Butter M&M's? They're amazing!

  3. Awwwwwwww, thank you so much for the link love. I am so happy you've been enjoying all of my food shots. xoxo NJ

  4. I love Lush; how they tempt me whenever I walk by! I also want the issue French Glamour of with Letitia Casta as photographed by Ellen von Unworth; it's such a great pairing:) xx

  5. Love Lush products, need to make a trip to go stock up myself! xxx

  6. Those cupcakes look delicious! I love the nail colour too

  7. Heyy,
    Nice blog, just a tip on the Marshmallow Fluff if you haven't managed to find any, American Soda stock it for fairly cheap =)

  8. I LOVE LUSH SO MUCH! And Milk Duds are great until you sit on them and then you have a gross misleading stain on the back of your pants, haha! ♥

  9. I love your blog!


  10. :D Everything looks amazing!

  11. These cupcakes look delicious!! :) And i really have to check out my local Lush Store soon! :) These soaps are so pretty <3

  12. Thanks for the links! SOme of them look really interesting. I am SO excited for the new RHCP album! I've been waiting so long for it.

  13. I love Topman jewelry! They do the best stuff, I got an amazing feather and cross necklace from there!

    + mmmmm milk duds. *drool*


  14. Ah, this post is so scrumptious.
    Might I call round for some cupcakes?;-)
    I've been enjoying all things tangerine;-)

  15. mmm, those cakes look so good! i have the qr app but must admit i never use it! prob would for blogs though.

  16. Aw great post! So many things to check out. Those cakes look so yummy too :) x

  17. Very nice purchases :D

    Lush <3

  18. I wish that we would have a lush store here in sweden, but sadly we don´t. The cupcakes look delicious btw :D