Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Advertise On

For quite a while now I've been trying to work out a good, fair system of pricing for advertising on, which will still make the space cheap for you guys to use. I hope you'll like what I've come up with!
I will be selling two different ad sizes, 150x90 banner small ads and 150x150 medium ads. These will be displayed in the right hand sidebar, under the link to my beauty blog, The Glossy Guide

Small Ad = £1 for 2 weeks
Medium Ad = £1.50 for 2 weeks

These prices will last throughout the month of August.  In September a small ad will cost £1.50, but you will get 3 weeks, and a medium ad will cost you £2 and you will get 3 weeks. In October, a small ad will cost £2 but you will get the space for a month. A medium ad will cost £2.50 but also be for a month. I know you as getting the same rate per week each month, but by stretching it out this way there should be advertising slots to fit everyones budget! At the end of October I'm going to re assess the pricing, and hopefully start working on a fixed ad space rate that is fair and attainable for everyone as well as providing full stats on my site so you can get a good idea for how your ad will perform! 

If you are interested in advertising on send me an email with your image, the link you would like to email it to and the email address you use for Paypal (Paypal only I'm afraid) and I'll get your ad up as soon as possible!


  1. Just emailed you with it chick x

  2. i'm very interested in doing this! im in the process of possibly re-naming my blog though sooo, hope I dont miss out!

  3. Wow! love your blog! I´m your fan now :D check mine and follow me if I like yoy :D

  4. I am thinking about doing this as well! :D Let you know soon Rachel!